Perfectly ordinary hands with reasonable, quite expected outcomes

Here’s how heads-up has been going for me lately.

Limp 64o from the BB, flop trip 4s, V goes all-in on the Turn, with nothing, just a draw, river delivers.

2nd place for the 2nd time tonight, here’s the first.

The classic small pair vs. AKo that makes you hate playing AK for big pots preflop. Completely expected and ordinary, another 22k loser in the scope of the tournament, and 171,000 in chips won out…

And to start if off, my AA getting cracked by QQ. No strategy, just re-raising until all-in preflop, and it’s all over on the flop.

I came back quickly, and then exited the tournament even more quickly.

AK making top two pair.

Flopping top pair on the next hand, Tens, with KT, 3-barrelling into pocket KK to give it all back.

AQo, hitting a good top pair this time.

And then missing with AK again, bluffing the flop with half my stack to get committed, in no way does V buy that I have a Q or a 6, they raise, and so I give away my stack after I make certain I’m beat.

Another OK night of playing well. +215,500 on the night.

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