People Not Getting Cards

Just wanted to let you know that I was playing in (2) Roma Church and seen a couple people who did not get cards any cards for a couple hands. This was the first time I have seen this glitch.

Watch SilverLupine and speedychevy over the next 5 hands after that hand… They dont get their cards.

It first happens to speedy and then to Silver. Seemed like Silver didn’t get cards every other hand.

I told Silver to close the table n come back and by doing that it seemed to fix it.



When you enter a new room you have the choice to pay BB immediately or wait untill it is your turn for the BB.

Speedy got cards when it was his turn for the BB, so he must have clicked on “wait”

You only get cards immediately if you pay a BB, when you dont pay, you have to wait until it is your turn.

Greetings Happiness.

Thank you very much for the response Happiness…

I had learned what your explaining a while back about the BB and Wait from other other sites that I have I played on over the years, and have, by accident, clicked on “wait” a couple times and it took me a min to realize what I had done.

The reason/goal of my post is to create an awareness to Replaypoker of this glitch that everyone at the table witnessed during gameplay.

Perhaps I my explanation of what happened in the previous post was not written well enough to fully explain, so I’ll go into better detail this time… -And no, I do not mind going out of my way doing this because I really do enjoy being a player on this site.

Below this is in order of hands over 7 rounds of play including a written explanation of what I see SilverLupine experiencing. (Silver was already in play and won hand) (Silver did not receive cards) (Silver gets cards and folds.) (Silver did not receive cards) This is when the following was stated in chat: “LadyRaven : why are you not getting cards?” “SilverLupine : good question…” “LadyRaven : leave table n come back” “SilverLupine : ok” (Silver did not receive cards and leaves the table during gameplay) (Silver returns to table to a different seat.) (Silver gets cards and gameplay is back to normal.)

With all that said… I hope everyone has a great day and week.

Good Luck On The Tables!


Actualy I have see the site down and contacted the tech team.

Marcos did told me the site get updated/changed ( some internal stuff) tonight.

Looks all good now and they test and work on the site right now.

I mark this thread as " In progress"