PC Overkill

In a multi table tourney recently I was whining about an extraordinary bad run of cards. As often happens I won the next pot. It wasn’t a big pot but my cards had been so bad that I hadn’t lost much and the win put me slightly above my starting stake.
I remarked that at last there was a ( word starting with ch and ending in ink) of light in the darkness. A perfectly innocent and polite remark as I’m sure you will agree. The PC police thought differently and blanked the word out. What was annoying was that the asterisked word made it look as if I had said something offensive, which I would never do.
I think this is taking things to extremes.
On the plus side, I went on to get 2nd place.

Since the word chink is a derogatory term that is why it was filtered. Some words have the same meaning but the computer is a machine and can’t tell the difference. I would rather see it filtered than for someone to use it in the slang term.

Hi 1955wagon,
Thanks for that. I agree with your last point but surely it’s not beyond our clever programmers to include some sort of context parameters.
On a side note, I have seen some foul rants and terrible personal abuse that got through by the simple expedient of leaving out the occasional vowel.

Please report them. I do not let misspelling of words go and I don’t think any other mod would either. We can’t always be there so we need the players to report bad acts

I remarked,“Heigh-ho!” when I lost a hand and the thing asterisked out the “ho”…I wonder why it would do that! :wink:

Hi Jonnine,
Maybe they thought that you were offending Santa.
It’s an American thing, words like chink and ho have no negative connotations here in Ireland.

Hi 1955wagon.
Maybe you’re right, though it goes against the grain to report anyone. Informer is a very dirty word in Ireland, much worse than any of the examples I’ve seen.

“Ho” is stop horse in Hungary, lol
Been that country’s before , I can see now why pp look at me funny that times…

It is in the states also, except when using for short version of whore.

Hey there Blackbar!

Being a programmer for over 10 years I can say that teaching a program about “context” is one of the hardest problems to solve in artificial intelligence :smile:

Seems like a simple thing for us humans but to program the complexity hidden on our brains is a lot harder than it seems.


ops IT hit 100 nail in a head with one hit.

“I agree with your last point but surely it’s not beyond our clever programmers to include some sort of context parameters.”

I’d rather have programmer time spent on more important features. Like the ability to immediately skip to the end of the last hand replay.

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There you go Draiken,
Solve that one and you’ll be a billionaire in no time.

Hi jivex5x,
Draiken just informed me that there is some difficulty about that. I bow to his superior knowledge.

It is out of hand.I discovered a few ludicrous examples…like"herpes",can you believe? Now,“cancer”,that is OK though!

I asked a bingo player to explain the logic behind going all-in on the 1st deal to win 45 chips and received a torrent of personal abuse in return covering everything from my nationality to my sexual preferences, none of which was blanked because he didn’t use any swear words. Very inventive.
The funny thing was that I’m Irish but he thought I was Italian because the flags are almost identical so most of the abuse was misdirected.

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Very good.

1955, I have been at a table with you when you hassled a player about his use of the word “chit” - I respect that, by the way, but…

I have also seen you at a table with FudderMuck, a name which I find objectionable, but you, apparently not so much… I find that to be a tad hypocritical unless you dealt with it privately, and of course, we will never know about that…

It’s a tough job you have there, but having been the real police I can tell you it ain’t nearly as tough to censor when you feel like it and not if you don’t…

There are several objectionable names used here, so it kind of amazes me you would kick up a fuss over ‘chit’, which I also know what the kid was really saying, but that’s kids for you - they will always look for a way to jerk the chains of the ‘powers that be’…

I agree Blackbar that Chink is a perfectly innocent word when used in the right context which you did. I am from England orig and the only word which I am sure you are aware of which gets through the pc police is git. So I use git a lot. Thanks for the witty and entertaing blogs. Kind regards Clint

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Hey Clint.
Thanks for that.
That’s a good idea. There are lots of colloquial words here in Ireland, like ‘langer’ for instance, which the PC Spellchecker would never spot.That could be fun.
By the way, does it annoy you when the spellchecker red-underlines words like ‘colour’. Drives me up the wall.
Nice to meet you.

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