Paying five

second bubble today

That is a sad way to end a game…:slight_smile:

Ouch. I seen to remember seeing a live game where Negreanu ended up all-in against one taker at the table, and when it came to the river card, there was only one card left in the deck that would save him, and I mean literally “one card.” There was only one eight left in the deck, and that was his only out.

River was that lonesome eight.



If this was on the bubble, was it played correctly?

You limped into the pot instead of raising, which might well have caused the opponent to fold prefop since it was on the bubble and he would probably prefer not to tangle with the other big stack on the bubble. As it was, since you limped in, he had no choice but to play his hand from the BB.

However with top two pair and top pair and third pair both of you were willing to put in your whole stack with hands that were already beaten by Q9 and 97 which had flopped straights, and any set.

OK, I get it that opponent was unlikely to have a set of J or T, given that you had one of each, but all the same, why would you get into this on the bubble? The whole thing is like a cockfight.

When playing on the bubble, the one thing you do not want to do is to get all in without the knuts. What you need to do on the bubble is to keep hammering away at the small stacks when they are in the blinds, and do not allow them to limp or check into any pot.

On a similar theme, it often irritates me if I have a big stack and raise from UTG to attack the small stack BB on the bubble, who is seated on my right, and whose play I obviously know fairly well, and then second largest stack calls from mid position, thus giving the button good odds to calls, and then if the BB has a hand, or hits the flop–having been given great odds to call, when otherwise he might have folded–the chance to quadruple up. If you are playing on the bubble, you want to get one of the small stacks out and avoid giving them the chance to win a huge pot and triple or quadruple their stack.

If UTG raises and you wake up with AA in middle position, it would be better to three bet and push UTG out of the pot, and have just one player take on the small stack in the BB.

Having said all that, I must add that you never win a tournament without a bit of luck, or sometimes a lot of luck. This was my final hand in a tournament last night.

A pretty silly hand really, but it was worth over 30 million chips to the winner.

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yep, i’d much rather get a ‘good pot’ compliment. than the ‘gh’ one. :slight_smile:

Replaying the hand, the limp was fairly glaring. Then i remembered thinking “i’ll just throw the JTo out there, cheap, and see if anything hits”. That’s probably where the wheels came off.

River beats don’t bother me nearly as much as they once did. I get em, too, although I go to the river much less than most people i play with. What got me on this one was it was the ending to one of my occasional well played games. A barrage of unplayable hands, chasing draws, which never get past the flop, several shoves for my life, having the patience to wait, and then…the opportunities. Playing my big pairs profitably , setting traps like the big leagues, win a couple of multi-stack hands and I’m leap frogging top stack at the final table.

then the 8 drops, followed by a ten second “noooooooooooooooooooooooo”.
Post your sorrows on replay forum, of course.

Yes, but do you see that the river beat is not the point here?

Your mistake was to limp in with Jack Ten when the other big stack was in the big blind.

You are on the bubble. You and the other big stack need to tacitly collude to grind down the small stacks and eliminate one or two of them so that you get deeper into the money. You do not want to be butting heads with the other big stack at this point.

Both of you completely lost your heads here and both of you completely lost sight of the strategic considerations.

From the point of view of your opponent, he was already beaten by Queen nine and nine seven, and he was behind JT or any set, and yet he was prepared to risk almost his whole stack on the bubble.

From your point of view, you were second stack, on the bubble, and prepared to risk your entire stack, when you were behind Queen nine and nine seven and any set.

That is why I say you were both acting recklessly like this was a cockfight. Neither of you will win many tournaments by playing in this manner on the bubble.

Part of the problem is probably that neither of you have much experience of being in this position, and that you simply got overexcited by the prospect of winning some big money. Hopefully the experience of losing will have benefited you more than the winner who will probably repeat the same errors in the future, having been rewarded this time!

I’ll agree with him there. Its never good to risk anything, better wait and sometimes even if it hurts fold.

Ugg. I know how that feels. Sometimes I feel like the bubble king, good to see someone else bubbling besides me.

I’ve taken a couple of shots at explaining where my head was at during that hand, but since each one sounded a little more stupid than the last, I decided to just agree with you, since you are right, and all.
One of my strategies for getting deeper into tournaments is turning down people who want to flip a coin,
so to speak. Don’t know why i did it there.\

You’re right about my experience. other than playing bots in puter gamerooms, I only started playing a couple of years ago. Since I play the highest priced tournaments I can afford, I’m probably the lowest ranked player at most of the tables i play at.

Along the way, I was lucky enough to meet a few players who were willing to explain some basic theory, but let’s face it, with so many tables having six or seven seeing the flop, and three or four of them going to showdown, there’s a lot of solid poker advice that just doesn’t apply. You may be priced in to pursue a draw, but with so many reaching. ,you might hit your card and still lose the hand.

As far as bubbles go, for someone with my skill level, and stack size, the opal tourneys are much more disappointing, and I’ve been there twice. I did cross a few bubbles today. Got a win and runner up in a couple of the diamond ones, and won a 50K, 100K, and a 250K ticket. That’s petty good, for me/

Hi Magmatic-Arg… Welcome to forums

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Hot dog, congrats on the ticket wins. That shows you are doing something right.