Pay to show

When player fold but still want to know the mucked wining hand, pay a small amaunt for the winner to show,

Or one more: pay for dealer to deal the last cards if card fold before.

these common practise on real life games… may good idea to implement online to.

now i like this ideas

you always wonder what if !

Interesting… How does that work in a real life game? You offer to pay the winner a small amount to show their cards and if they agree they show them? Who would you pay to deal the last cards if the hand was folded, would that money go to RP and if so, would everyone see them or just you? Etc.

exactly just like the first 2 question of yours.( may auto set % better offer, faster )The offer must be much lower then the winners LAST bet . ////// Usually Dealer not get pay for deal the rest of the cards but considering the lost time may better if player pay for it to keep these requests low . (pay to dealer better) should everyone see them (again to ‘‘compensate’’ the time lost) or just on selected(gold) rooms

Interesting idea! It’s the kind of idea that might prove really popular. So people, if you like it you’d better get voting!

I think on this, I think the only way to do this request show hand from other user at any time but not in the room. hand number can send . May just for a set period of time; 1 day.

if u want 2 see my card I give u No of my bank account :P. ,This is stupid idea !

If I want to see your mucked card I pay you chips.

Just like the real life game. Its like thet from nearly the time poker invented.

I completely agree with you, but the only problem is that this would take up a LOT of time, even if you had a button to do it for you. Because god-forbid you go all in and lose, and the button makes you pay even more money to see the hand. This can be a very money-wasting feature, and I am not sure that this would work at all.

Yes, you right,thets why I came up with the idea to request ''show the cards ‘’ after the hand played , outside of the room. This would be; 1,;you play the hand, you loose , winner muck. 2,; you save the played hand 3,; you send hand ID & request to the other player. 4,; then he got 24 hours to grant it or not. 5,; then you pay auto, and you are the only who see the hand again with open cards.

The hands take too much time to play as it is now. adding this to the game will delay the hands much longer. I can see this happening every hand that is folded.

dumb idea!!!

‘’ after the hand played , outside of the room. ‘’

Pokerace1 - you said you think the hands take too much time to play as it is? Is that just because we currently only have regular speed rooms, with 20 secs decision time? Or are you referring to some other timing aspects. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts for optimizing the pace of the tables.

What Marcipan is suggesting is a way to pay to see a card, but the mechanics for this happen outside of the game environment, so it doesn’t affect the tempo of the game.

Up at the left corner you have …“R-Replay Previous.” So you can save your previous hand. When you play you saved hands you have the option

“remove this hand”…maybe there also the option…“request for winner to show the hand”… Winner gets a PM in guestbook with the option…accept or no…When he accept the other has to pay and get a link with open cards of the winners hand…

Something like that Marci? I would like to pay for some mucked hands

yes , thets really close. ty :slight_smile:

You should have an option where you can view peoples cards with their permission. Sometimes my buddies will be in a tourney that i’m too late to join i like to bring up their table and watch the game and i think it would be cool to watch them play and actually see their cards and how they bet with their permission of course.

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Something like the television table of a real poker tournament? Hm, very difficult to add i think.

Yeah, without a doubt being able to see a player’s cards makes spectating much more fun!

But I think the big issue here is the concern that it would make collusion much easier. If you have some suggestion as to how you think we could add this feature without raising a lot of concerns, we’d love to hear your ideas!

I don’t know about this during a game. I can’t see myself giving up a hand for a small amount of chips. Not that I wouldn’t want to know the cards at the end of a hand. What do they say you have to pay to see the cards during the hand not after. Just my thought.

My apologies should this reply offend any of your sensibilities, but I’m afraid I find this suggestion distasteful. I have a firm policy of only showing my cards when you pay during the hand. A lady must have some mystery about her. However, for those who adore this idea, perhaps some tables could be ‘marked’ (with a simple five-claw icon, say) as the lightning bolts now designate the fast hands. After any mucking, a pay $1/2 the final pot to see the cards option, perhaps? I love it when people show their cards. I just don’t care to show mine. Thank you all, as always, for this lovely little corner of the 'net.