Pay That Man His Money

So I won 230,000 chips in Astral Ursa Major’s weekly prize pool last week, and they have yet to hit my account. Usually by the next morning (and certainly by now), they have always hit my account - but not this time.

Has something changed? A mistake been made? In any event…


Perhaps a bug with the site change. Noticed this morning I was not credited with 700k for 3rd in Opal best of 7 and 500k for 5th in Opal First 7. Anyone else?

Any resolution for you yet? Not me. Got a message in to support yesterday, but have not heard back yet - I’m sure they will get back to me, though. Could we be the only two this happened to? Seems hard to believe, but I guess it is possible.

Hi Everyone!

Our Team just fixed this issue. So sorry for the delayed chip winnings.