Pause/Step Backward/Forward on replay hands

I would love the hand replay to have controls allowing me to pause, and step back and forward through the hand.

When I’m reviewing a hand, I end up having to refresh the page, re-watching for a key moment, and end up reloading it many times. It would be much better if I could pause, back up a step, and resume.

This would be a great enhancement for the HTML5 version of the hand replayer.

Thanks for considering.


I agree.

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hear hear

Fast Forwarding Replays

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Agreed, and I would also like to see additional buttons for bets representing other fractions of the pot, for example 1/4 pot, 1/3 pot, 2/3 pot, double the pot, and so on. This would make it much easier to offer opponents correct (or incorrect) pot odds.


Agreed. Replace the asinine “call any” button with adding more ‘fraction of the pot’ buttons.

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100%. As Maya indicated, it’s been brought up before - actually, on several different occasions. I hope it is implemented. Off the top of my head, continuous proper maintenance of chip inflation and this aforementioned feature are the top two things I wish for the site. (Other than player enjoyment and interaction). :slight_smile:

i play on partypoker as well, here you have the option to fill in the bet slots the way you like yourself, both preflop and postflop. i think this might be a great tool for replay as well. that way everyone decides how to fill in their slots and make it easier to use em


Agree. Also, when replaying a hand it would be good if the settings matched the preferences for the live situation, for example four colour deck.

Yep this is really needed

create a video of it and do so, will take 2 minutes to create video and you back and forward. i use screen cast o matic

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I agree

I’d like a button for small blind to call only if nobody raises when it gets to me.
When playing several tables this would be handy for me (see a cheap flop/fold button for SB).