Patience is a virtue, & avoid bingo players, high stakes

Recently I have gone to high stakes tables to avoid bingo/craps players. There are far fewer when you get to 50/100, 100/200, 500/1000 and up. Of course I have had a new learning curve and am learning to be more patient by getting out of hands early where there is little chance to win and waiting for that very strong hand with hopes that others will build the pot. Of course there are those times that even a very strong hand goes down to a somewhat stronger one but that’s part of the game.

Sounds like you have a good approach to the game! You will occasionally find bingo players at high stakes, but they are easy to spot out and take advantage of. Bluffing is also a bigger part of the game at high stakes, but you’ll get called down if you’re obvious. Generally, if you just make the right plays and don’t bluff you’ll do okay, but after some time you might get bullied around. Anything bad or obvious won’t last at the higher tables.

Nice to hear from someone that has been pretty darn successful. I also enjoy when folks chat and it seems about even between the high and low stakes tables. A little fun banter makes the game more enjoyable. There are players that I look forward to seeing at the table. Overall it is a nice online community.

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