Passwords for free tournaments

why do they need to be obscured …I realize that the concept behind obscuring a password on a screen is to prevent someone “shoulder surfing” behind a user and seeing the typed in password… but there is no one i need to hide the password from. i have on many cases helped others who have difficultly obtaining it by telling them. So i was wondering how everyone else feels about the matter and what their opinion is…also i have typed the password in and had an error, quite frustrating when you cant see the spelling of the word typed…

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I believe it’s the Facebook-related freeroll that requires a password. I think the original idea (and no doubt still current plan) is to encourage "Like"s on the Replay Poker Facebook page, to help spread the awareness of the Replay Poker opportunity for free fun. I enjoy looking at Replay Poker’s Facebook posts and have won chips from participating in quizzes and competitions on Facebook.

I belong to no social media sites beyond the community here. Was a very sore spot with me for a long time. I kept writing support and explaining that of course I liked them, but didn’t think it fair that those who like Replay on Facebook, get chips , and those of us who just love Replay in general get nothing. Then, I found that someone’s always willing to give you the community password, so I’m happy now. :slight_smile:

hi Jan ,i dont have a problem with passwords,the issue is that when i go to type the said password it is obscured when typing it. so that i cannot read what i have typed.This is frustrating if i have misspelled the password.
so i think it would make more sense if it was not obscured when typing the password in for the free tournaments

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hi cassandra, i am always happy to help someone who has trouble retrieving password for the free tournaments. i too was not belonging to facebook before ,but now a member and always browsing facebook for fun


Oh–I see: it’s the blurred password that you type in that is the problem. I appreciate the clarification. Hmmmmm…I can mention it at the next volunteers meeting.