Password Issues?

Why am I getting a message that I have to change my password because my password on another site has been “compromised”? If RP would like me to change my password I can do so easily enough, but the reasoning leaves me bemused. How can RP know what passwords I have on another site that may have been compromised, let alone that the passwords area the same.

When your password is authenticated on our site, it is automatically checked against a database of passwords that have been involved in known breaches. You can find this information yourself on this website:

We’ve increased our password security to ensure the safety of both your account here on Replay, and any other website where you may be using the same username/email and password combination.


I changed mine yesterday, but every time I come in to site it says tI need to change my password. ???

I have been requesting a password change every day for a week now, and RP has yet to send me an email to do so? Any help would be appreciated! The email has not been put in the inbox, trash, or spam!

For privacy reasons, we can only assist with password issues via I’m creating a ticket for you now. Please keep an eye out on your email and be sure not to mark any messages from Replay Poker as spam, otherwise future messages won’t be delivered by our system.

I believe some passwords are short and have very few numbers-letters. The system wants to strengthen and Lengthen the new Password I believe.