Passive Agressive Players?

What’s with all the Passive-Aggressive Players recently?
You join a head to head or 3 player table - your opponent starts to lose, then sits out. You are doomed to then play the remainder of the game, a few chips at a time. Some come back when they get down to a 100 or so chips and start going all in. This isn’t Poker!

Replay should set up time out - if a player doesn’t participate in 5 hands, the game is automatically closed, the winner is the active player.

What are your thoughts?

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A legitimate disconnect or computer crash could easily put a player out for 5 hands in a row. So no, I do not support this.

Also, if you can’t beat someone who’s shoving everything once they reach 100 chips, how are you winning any games?


Crashes and disconnects are not the reason - I’ve been playing for 3 years and you can quickly identify if there is a problem.
You must have a lot of time to waste if you like sitting around winning a few chips per hand. I like to play poker, not waste time.

I don’t enjoy winning this way, but it’s not hard. It’s hard to complain about free money, even if it is play money.

Regardless of the actual reason in the case you’re describing, it is the absolutely the case that it’s possible to be disconnected, and for it to take more than a few hands to reconnect. If i had it happen to me, I would be upset if I didn’t come back to the table and find my stack intact.

Just sounds like another sore loser whining.