Pairs come hand in hand?

May be this is pure psychology but I somehow get the feeling that when one tries to go all in with a JJ there is somehow always a QQ, and for a KK there is always an AA and so on. Pairs seem to come hand in hand, which on an intuitive basis is very improbable. But exactly how improbable? I could not easily set up an exact formula to establish this but why bother when you can run a simulation?

So I put together a little script which does this. It makes one hundred thousand deals at a table of 9 players and measures how many pairs are dealt in each turn.

These are my results:

Number of pairs in 100000 deals at a table of 9 players:

0 : 58180 1 : 32171 2 : 8280 3 : 1230 4 : 134 5 : 4 6 : 1 7 : 0 8 : 0 9 : 0

one pair: 32171

two or more pairs: 9649

probability of two or more if there is at least one: 23.07 %

So the probability of someone else having a pair when you have one of your own is in fact low: the odds are between 1 : 4 and 1 : 5.

I have to say, be it coincidence, programming, or the poker gods, it does seem to me strange how often I too see this occurring. Be it my hand, or elsewhere on the table. I certainly think about it when I have a pair of paint, and thinking about a hefty raise…very often, there is a higher pair “out there”

I have a very simple answer to this higher pair issue: I only go all in with AA - no surprise higher pair there. Still I’m getting beaten tipically with things like straight ten to ace (since your opponents tipically call all ins with broadway cards). May be I should improve my prog to be able to ask such questions as “What is the chance of making a straight beating AA with any combination of broadway cards (like AK, AQ, AJ, KQ, KJ, JQ etc.)?”

What are the probabilities of two people having pocket ACES? I have seen this numerous times, and someone calls with 56 and catches straight. Strange to me too.

or how about 2 peopl hit straights and another player hit flush . or 2 people flop 3 of kind and another flopped fullhouse

i seen a hand 4 people dealt suited hearts and all 4 hit flush also seen a hand 3 people hit flushes one had a jack other had queen and other had king or flop a ace high straight only have someone hit runner runner for flush

or you play for long time cant hit one hand while another players wins hand after hand no matter what cards they play or dealt something like 2 7 3-4 times in a row then next hand be 2 queen

i can go on all day but i wont

i dont care what anyone says online poker sites are all RIGGED that is the only explanation to the crazyness

it is impossible for to ppl to hit a straight and a 3rd person to hit a flush right? lol

right! Then we’ve seen the imposible. Just saying.

its possible example player A plays ace queen

player B also has ace queen off suit player C plays a suited hearts hand

flop 10 hearts jack spades king clubs turn 5 hearts and river 2 hearts players A and B hits straights and player C hits flush

i was actually trying to be funny sarcastic response

you are rite site is a joke had aa some 1 had 10 something 2 10 come what ever this is a joke site lmao

This morning I have played a 24 hands on a 15/30 basis. What I write now is not out of frustration since my net profit on these 24 hands was 6607 chips.

Some interesting points: I was considering calling a 88 for all in but finally I declined. For good reason it turned out: there was a 99 (!) out there. In other cases too big pairs were matched by even bigger pairs. I personally don’t fall into these traps since I ‘know’ pairs come hand in hand… But is this plausible in a probability theory sense?

In an other hand I had Th2h. I folded. Believe it or not there was a Ts2s which was winning over some big hand because of a straight that just needed a T.

In an other case two players had AK just to lose to some inferior hand.

In yet an other case the flop was three diamonds. I had a pair. Next comes a spade. I have two pairs and I raise. Comes the river an other diamond. It turned out that every single player had a diamond (including ace - forcing a fold by me). What are the odds of this? ( Approxx 1 :7 or 1 : 8. )

Very surprising things keep happening on a regular basis. It would be nice for the site to anonymously make available for download all the hands that are being dealt so that everybody could make their own measurements on them. It would be much more satisfying than statements that this and that organisation approved it as random. I want to see it for myself.

once i had flopped ace high flush player goes all in before was my turn to act simple call as luck would have it player hits a fullhouse on turn

another time i had a straight draw and course was also a heart flush draw was out there i needed a 3 complete my straight before the river came i said to myself 3 of heart will hit the river and sure enough 3 heart popped up giving me the straight and lost cause someone had the flush

been lot times i hit a straight on turn only have river give someone a flush

replay wont admit that there is something wrong with their dealing shuffling program after some organisation said replay is fair and random and not predictable when clearly there is something wrong with it

im just glad other players finally speaking up maybe if enough players do replay will admit that there is something wrong and actualy fix dealing and shuffling program

how is it fair i play hour or so and not get one winning hand while another player seems to win hand after hand

how is it random when hit a straight and course someone has a flush

or hit a flush and course someone has higher flush or hit a fullhouse and there is a higher one

how is it not predictable when many times i flop 3 kind or straight and course is a flush draw and i said turn or river give someone the flush and sure enough it happens

I’ve merged this topic into an existing on that discuss the fairness of the shuffling of the cards, as the topic has already been heavily discussed there.

Given we’ve already gone through an independent lab testing process and been giving a clean sheet and 100% approval on our RNG and shuffling algorithms, the only thing more we can do is what watcha suggests and share data from the site, either in it’s raw state or by showing cumulative and aggregated statistics for hands dealt each day. I’d be happy to do that, I’m keen as you are to not just be 100% fair but also be seen to be fair too. As the fairness of the game is really the cornerstone of ReplayPoker.

Check out this list of 20 hold’em statistics you should really know: - it makes for fascinating reading.