Pair of killers

I have trash cards in MTT for about 15 hands with some agressive betting from others , then these 2 hands appear - go figure
note same villian on both hands with not much to raise or call on

Well, first thing to note, is that it is a freeroll. Lots of people just shove any two, bluff the whole time, etc…, because they just don’t care.
But yeah, first hand hurts, don’t forget it is a freeroll. I’ve still got a question : why shove there UTG with around 35 BB’s with AA ? IMO, just re-raise pretty big, as there are lots of calling stations.

Second hand, why limp QQ ? That’s a hand you could shove, as it needs protection, But yeah, the flop came, really good flop, but why shove once again ? Just bet around 1/2 pot. But anyway, these changes in play wouldn’t have changed much unfortunately. But if it hadn’t been a freeroll, you should definitely try to play these high pocket pairs a bit better ! Good luck on the tables !

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Yeah I know my calls weren’t usual but it is was highly likely someone would raise anyway on this table and as it was a freeroll I wasn’t too concerned . Second hand I put wrong call up to start with (pressed wrong button)

+1 both these hands were played very poorly by the villain, that being said they were both played very sub optimally by the hero as well.

Your analysis is spot on @ValueFish