Page refresh

I finally figured out where support is yea. I notice that the multitournament page does not refresh automatically when I go to it after playing on a table. When I click on multitabletournaments it still does not refresh. I have to go to a diff page and return to get it to refresh.

Glad you found us! :slight_smile:

So are you using the old or new website? Also which browser and version are you using?

Hi grannybarbara.

You mean this?..i made a screenshot yesterday On MTT page Be Punished started 21 mins ago, but still shows …Late Reg. (instead of Running) High Blind Starter, started 6 mins ago, still shows Registering (instead of Late Reg)

I also noticed this a few times (mozilla , new RP)

Using the new site. I am using internet explorer 9. I continue to use the various features of the new site but am becoming frustratd with the page refresh. I know you are probably tired of me by now but I always appreciate you.

Never tired grannybarbara, we love feedback… the more the better!

Anyone else getting problems with the website not constantly being up to date?

We’ve fixed the tournament status issue. Let me know if you are still experience any problems with the updates.

i have,was in high blind freeroll,when i was finally able to get to my seat i lost 1700 in chips.This is second time i had this problem

Sorry to hear that, drop an email to so Andrew can get your refund sorted.

Thanks! You guys/Dolls are the best!