Overrated vs Underrated hole cards

What do you think are the most Overrated hole cards vs the most Underrated. Preflop of course.

For overrated, maybe AK.

Underrated, I dunno. Maybe small pocket pairs.

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I feel that hands like KJ, KQ are often overrated by players. As far as the most underrated hand is concernent, pretty difficult to say, maybe 22-88.



K T for calling a preflop raise, because this hand is dominated by so many other hands that might raise preflop.

AK and AQ are good hand to start with, but many players overplay them and get into trouble when the flop misses. They are good for putting small stacks all in, but I prefer to vary between calling and raising with them, because sometimes they will win a lot of chips when no one expects you to have top kicker.

AJ and AT, like KT, are overrated by many people as hands for calling raises and can get you into trouble. These hands are better when you are first into the pot.

Q T suited may be underrated, because you can take on a player with K J and he makes two pairs on the flop, then when an A or 9 falls, you make the straight and get all his chips.


Agree with the AK but I will take them anytime. Small PP seem to never work for me. 7 to 1 to hit a set, I bat maybe 20 to 1. Chasing a set is a fools game and two pair holding small PP don’t play well either. 99 on up I will take anytime. If I don’t hit set on the flop I just treat low PP as one card and usually fold when raised. Does this make sense or am I missing something?

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For most over-rated, it’s probably a tie between offsuit Broadways and weak aces. Particularly in 9-handed games, you’re often behind, and it can be tough to tell given how limp/call-heavy most of the players here are.

As far as under-rated, medium suited connectors from 87 through JT don’t seem to get much respect, but can be great for making hidden value hands or bluff candidates postflop.


Most over-rated is anything suited. Suited preflop, you should flush by the river less than 7%, but people see anything suited as gold. It’s not, especially if you are fishing for less than the nut flush.


Annie Duke says the same thing, but I do prefer to use suited hands, even if only for bluffs, because the suitedness of the flop gives guidance on how to play the rest of the hand. For example with second pair and three to a suit, there are far more cards that can improve my hand on the turn if I count in the cards of the flush suit. Also when the flop is flushing, there is the opportunity to semibluff, and even if the bluff fails, there are still plenty of outs that may win a lot of hands.A low flush can be beaten by a higher flush, but on the other hand two players with flush draws reduces the chance of the flush being completed.

This is actually why I really like playing medium suited connectors. If I flop four to a flush, and am up against a suited ace of the same suit, my bluffs are far more likely to work when the flush doesn’t fill, since my opponent will be blocking some of my primary bluff candidates, making it more likely a bluff will get through.

Definitely agree.

Mid-range suited connectors and even gappers have a lot of potential ways to win. They’re also pretty easy to play. See a flop, check the board texture, bet or fold as appropriate.

An example I posted about a while back found me at the turn with a combo draw that had 15 of 17 possible outs available and the right pot odds to continue. Two cards would have given me a straight flush.

I also agree with the people who said off-suit Broadway is overrated. Those hands are trouble in too many situations. You can play them sometimes, of course, but it is imperative to know when not to play them.