I just checked out another site (PS) and what it costs here for 1.2 million chips is 49.99 or close to it and at PS it’s 2.99 …………why so much here???

and how much does thier top player have ???
like Gazillions ??? @ a certain point all those
zeros, don’t mean much …

Just because some ppl wanna say…
I can play for 1 mil chips, doesn’t mean it
should only cost 2.99. Replay is very
generous with daily bonuses and top off
bonuses, along with all the promotions,
leagues, LBs that all pay out bonuses…

Just cause 1 site sells fake chips @ a different
value, doesn’t mean its in any way Overpriced…


LOL…hang onto your harem pants…just think 50 bucks is too much for us folks on a fixed income

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besides Sarah,i never said way over priced. I just asked why such a big difference. Quit picking on a old man :slight_smile:

Do I hear you right, it sounds as if you have a gambling problem on a “free” poker site? Nobody makes you spend a dime here and if you think there are greener pastures elsewhere common sense would dictate you go spend a couple years playing there (since you’ve been here a couple of years) and then come back and give us a comparison.

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Holy Smokes,all I did was ask a question about price of chips and you two jump down my throat.
I agree this is the best freeplay site around, although not feeling the friendly atmosphere. I don’t understand the hostility coming from you zman…I checked the other site out because someone said it was an ok site…I disagree.


Best get your hearing checked lol

Maybe it’s more expensive to combat chip inflation?

Other than that, I dunno.

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Calm down guys, he’s just asking something.

It’s difficult to compare, because not every site is the same. What I mean is that on some site, it’s maybe really difficult to get 1’00’000 chips (top players would have that amount), whereas on another it’s maybe a standard amount of chips…

So the fact that it’s way cheaper on there means the amount of chips should be less important, so top players there would have 1’000’000’000’000’ and more instead here being the top is about 15’000’000’000 (15B) ? Idk, if that’s true.
Maybe it’s just less professional on there, with just bingo-players everywhere…

Otherwise, i don’t know, sorry…

Like I said I didn’t stick around long enough to find out lol.Thanks to you both for the civil answer, and I think you both are correct.
GL at the tables,

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family friendly, mafioso style


what is PS?

A Card Site…


People who complain about the cost of chips should probably be banned, at a minimum, maybe even stoned…regardless of their age…

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I vote for stoned, banned sounds to permanent!

LOL…can some of you read with understanding? I wasn’t complaining. I was asking a question.
Got two decent answers from Sun and Value and I thank them for that.
HAGD all GL at the tables!
Oh Yeah.i have told players who laugh about players buying chips and boast that they would NEVER,that if it wasn’t for people that did purchase no one would be sitting here, I have bought 19.99 pkg not because I needed them but to show support…G’day all


I used to play Poker Stars until inflation ruined the site (ie selling 1M chips for $2.99).
Chips have such little value there now that a while back they emailed me 1M chips for free.
I thought I’d give them another shot and was quickly reminded why I left…the chips have no value and bingo play is rampant…not poker and not fun for me.
I believe Replay is aware of the danger of selling chips too cheap because of the inflation factor.
There are a lot of people here that have never purchased chips and have millions by grinding away for years …much like real money play and they use Replay as a practice field for when they try their new learned skills at a home game or a casino.
That said, for $2 more you can buy 65K chips here anytime (much more value than 1M at PS IMHO) and they have 1/2 off sales sometimes…plus they give you 2.5K per day bonus just for logging in.
I think some people maybe overreacted to your post bc a lot of people are concerned Replay is sometimes too generous with their sales and that that could potentially turn the site into just another PokerStars.

I hope this helps.

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NUC I call a major B.S. - If all you wanted to do is show support you could have just given RP some money. I know that you can do. (BTW - I am still looking for a way to make a contribution without making a purchase).

As for your comments - If you want to make passive-aggressive statements don’t be surprised when you get your expected and desired result. Your contrived umbrage is annoying.

If you put aside your ego for a moment and reread my comment you will find I made a sound logical suggestion. Just because you didn’t like it doesn’t mean it was directed towards you with any hostility.

“It sounds…” - Is not at statement of fact. So I ask you, would you care to clarify, or just complain? If the latter don’t be surprised when others are perturbed by anyone’s continual ineffective whining at receiving something for FREE. If I give you something for free, at my own expense, and you complain, what does that make you look and sound like, or do you care? Can’t you just be happy somebody cared enough to share?

As for reading with comprehension - Try this on - That fact the sharing doesn’t meet your expectations is NO reason to complain to the giver.