Over pair on the river in a 3! pot with pair and flush on the board

Hagia Sophia FR 9 handed
4.6M effective


V in this hand has played quite aggressively in the past. It does seem like this has changed somewhat, playing better ranges and trying to win. V is also a notorious trash talker who talks a lot of strategy in an elitist egotistical way. V likes to let me know how bad I am and I play too many hands. V is looking to show me up and will show bluffs if got over on me in particular.

UTG limps, folds to H in the CO w/ TT we 205K, V on BTN 3! to 550K, SB cold calls 550K, BB and UTG fold, I call. 3 ways to the flop.

Flop (1.7M) 9s 3d 4d… x’s around

Turn (1.7M) 8d… SB x, H 728K, V raise 2.3M, SB folds, H calls. H has 4.55M back and V covers with 9.9M

River (6.3M) 4h… H x, BTN puts me all in for my 4.55M. I call.

Wow, I must have been out of it because I don’t even remember playing this hand with you :smile:
LOL, I have a feeling I know who this is.

To check your line, do you have the Td? Also, any reads on whether his 3-bet range contains any bluffs or if its all value?



I do have the Td. While V used to be quite a bit unbalanced he/she has tightened up frequencies a bit. I feel like vs population he may have went a little on the tight side but wants to prove to me who’s better. Meh, maybe it’s only when I’m at the table that he’s less aggressive than before. I do expect bluffs pre flop some suited connector type that’s going to play well in position and some stuff with A blockers, as well as a bit of air that won’t play as well as post flop like some off suit broadway stuff, KQ KJ. Definitely going to be more liberal lp vs lp with position.

I like your line. Weird 3! by V here, what the hell is that sizing ? Have you got some notes on his 3! sizing LP with big hands and bluffs ? Is there a difference ? If he has JJ+ here, I just feel his going to make it huge because he thinks he’s going to get called with a looser range because of these tensions between you guys.
Flop : normal … Does he c-bet small JJ+ for example ? I think so, especially 3-way.
Turn : it’s either check/bet. I see some merit in checking though, but if it’s based on some reads of his hand I like a bet here. I pretty much like the sizing of 40% ish.

He raises, well ok. Jamming is not an option, just call and see what happens river.

River : he jams, ok. The sizing of 4.55 sucks a bit. I don’t see him having JJ+ here. First hand I’m thinking about that could get you here are some AdXd like Ad5d, AdQd/AdKd. I’m sure he’s betting flop with Ad5d for example, difficult to say if he flat calls turn to trap you. AdQd and AdKd make some sense too. These are not many combo’s, you’re blocking some value hands with the Td, so I can’t see you folding here. The rest are all hands you’re ahead of. He could be raising turn with some AdX hands, maybe even some that don’t make sense at all, and finally trying to steal the pot river.
IMO, we got these 30% in this spot.

This hand has me triggered, I want to take more time analyzing the river.

V value hands river : JJ+ / Ad2d / Ad5d / AdJd-AdKd / KdQd / KdJd / (QdJd)

  • Note : you’re blocking some 3-bet lights : AdTd / TdJd …

Value hands that DON’T make sense to me with the line he took : JJ+ (weird flop), AdJd (3! ?!?), Ad2d (bets flop), Ad5d (bets flop).
Maybe he could check AA with the A of diamond for example? Does he check KdK (seems less likely)?

→ Value combo’s left : 5 ; all flushes. He doesn’t have any sets, any FH’s nor overpairs to me. We could even remove AdKd because that 100% bets flop to me, but let’s just keep it…

All the rest of the hands that fit in his 3! range are bluffs, think about AdX mainly…

We need 30%, which is fine, and this is a reasonable and good call on the river (even seems like an easy call after analyzing it). To me, it all just doesn’t make sense, only a few hands are credible with his line.

P.S. Idk, but I feel like I’m missing some value hands, there is nothing left :thinking: