Over 18 and 21

well i dont understand thought this site was for over 18s well like i go and gamble on horses and 2 casino its all over 21 in the uk with some and much respect for some players here there must be a system to stop ppl joining of all ages.2 year olds could sign up here and u wouldnt even notice to many kids on this site theres gotta be a system where u have to be over a certain age

That’s a good question and could be answered from two different perspectives.

Legally, to our knowledge, there’s currently no minimum age restriction on play money poker. That’s why for example you can play Zynga Poker, currently the largest play money poker game on facebook, at any age (note that facebook requires you to be 13 years old to sign up, but on android, iphone etc, there’s no minimum age).

As far as from a responsible operator standpoint, should there be a minimum age restriction to playing poker; whether online or offline? That’s a big debate, do you think ReplayPoker should limit usage of the site to persons of a minimum age? Tell us what you think.

well really looking from ur answer to my question,i think u answered it to the most honest way,as just a player on this great site i cant really put an age limit on here,that would be ur job and ur staff to decide.as i have been muted for past 7months or so and cant send guestbook messages to mods for there views on this subject,thats why i thought i ask u direct about this question, so many thanxs for ur great explation on this subject,maybe u could ask al mods 2 see what they would say about age limit,but like u said 13yrs for face book so i think u answered my question there many thanxs ballack