Outlines of table

I get the REPLAY poker tables on my TV even when my computer is off! ( The computer is connected to TV obviously! ) It’s as if it is ‘burnt on’. I don’t get this from anywhere else. WHY IS THIS?

After a while, you may notice shadows on your TV’s display. This usually happens because the TV’s blue, red and green color picture tubes have separated. When this occurs, shadows of the images appear because the convergence has drifted. Fix the problem by realigning the color tubes to display the images on the screen correctly.

That is a really deep reply Craig. Most people like me are doing good to turn on the television lol.


since when are we using picture tubes ??? lmao

I guess the player is using one with tubes because you can’t get those burn image lines in LCD or LED TVs.

I am using a smart curved tv! I am old but even I am pretty much up to date! Like I said, I don’t get this from anything else either tv or games related. That’s why I asked in here! My TV is about 5 years old. This problem shows up more obviously on a red or yellow background.

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That’s a great up to date TV :+1:t2: One of mine is a Samsung curved UHDTV and I’ve never experienced it. I hope someone eventually chimes in with some more information for you.
Best of luck !

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