Original Brain Fart Coronaviris

Ok with the coronavirus life as we know it is slowly being phased back in. This is a thought during the 50% bar capacity phase.

So after drinking at the house for four months, the bars have the ok to open at 50% capacity. I go to the local tavern to enjoy some company and noise.

I sit down at the bar and the barkeep asks what’s my pleasure, and say a beer please.

The bartender says ok but first I am obligated to ask you a question.

I say ok that’s fine.

He asks me about how many beers I usually drink, and I say 4, so then he pours me my beer.

I listened to the music and was enjoying my new freedom, so I went to order my third beer when the bartender approaches me and tells me I am at 50% capacity and now need to leave. What’s wrong with this story.

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“…and I say 4,” - should you have said 24?