Option to opt out of taking the allotted break

When down to two or 3 players there should be an option that pops up asking if we want the break. Have been down to two players where neither of us want the break but yet we have to wait the five mins before we can continue the game.


Take a break .

Guess I have to .

second the no break idea

Leave it - it’s a mental part of the game.

I have played on many sites where the option says I’m “ready now” appears on a final table.
We made use of it quite often particularly if it had been a long tourney and we wanted to finish it.
It’s definitely a plus to have.

I agree , have also played a few sites with the option.

If you would lose more like I do then you would not have this problem.

True story !:laughing:

FYI, we discussed this suggestion and like it a lot. It’s something that would take quite a bit of dev work, so it will take some time, but it’s on the list now. :smile:

Yay… thanks