Option to hide your chip count from others

Why did you take the names of the people on line playing off. I liked seeing who is on line playing.

I do not like anyone being able to see how many chips I have. That’s like telling someone my bank balance.

Thanks for the feedback 1955wagon. We really want to hear from our players so we can continue to tweak and makes changes to improve the site.

So, the reason we decided to remove the list of players online was because we thought members really weren’t that interested in seeing everyone online. We understood you definitely want to see if your friends are online and also which moderators are online (in case you have a problem), so we made sure the dashboard clearly showed these.

If you think it’s still useful to see a list of everyone who’s online then do let us know why. We can easily add this back to the site.

As for the bank balance, we thought that by showing the amount that each player had it would make for a more competitive game. You’d be able to see exactly where you’d ranked and how you were performing against your friends and the rest of the site. We knew some people may prefer the anonymity of not showing this, but felt that overall the majority of people would like to see how everything stacked up and it would increase competitiveness.

As always we’d like to hear your opinions, which as you know, we listen to and often act on.

So, tell us if you agree with 1955wagon and prefer not to see other people’s total play chips, or whether you like the transparency of having a more open platform where you know exactly how you stack up to everyone else.

i totally agree with 1955wagon. It s not everyone s business how much chips i have. secondly i think the way you introduced the new site is not respectful to the players that play here often. I wasn t informed of anything upcoming. The feeling of lots of players here that they have no influence on the site has increased i think.

See if this helps to find players online.


You can see all your friends online in the home - index …brows around and find out more !

I dont really mind if all know how many chips I have, I earned every1. I think the problem is for some they may look at a persons big chip count as a threat or bragging! This may be the main problem with seeing how many chips one has. It’s almost like sitting at a cash game, that has a $60 buy in and some one buys $600 worth, just to be a big shot! Other than that I think the new look is quite refreshing. Oh there is one complaint, the amount of chips next to my name is pretty small for my bad eyes to see. THANKS

I cant see a top 10 players. why is that?

I don’t see what right any player has to see my balance. That should be my decision. This site is already too competitive, When you have people sending threatening emails and being called bitches and mf and the fy. I think it’s too competitive. I think you all need to look at these things. Yes we can report the other players but we shouldn’t have to. Put a 8$@&(*^%T to block the trash.

We’re adding it back tomorrow MisterQT

Thanks for the feedback gopo. We’ll make the chip count a bit bigger, so it’s easier on your eyes. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you feel that way dozier15. It couldn’t be further from the truth, we listen very closely to what the team of mods and regular players tell us. So if there’s something you don’t like we definitely do want to hear about it. We only want to make changes that are in the best interests of the site. We did consult with the mod team before going live, but since we’re only a small company, we don’t have the resource to do a bigger consultation with the whole membership. Perhaps a good idea would be to approach some of the most senior members to invite them to speak directly to us in our staff forums and get a preview of features before they’re released.

As for displaying the chip counts, we’re listening to all the feedback we’re getting to decide if overall it’s a better thing or not. Perhaps players can have the option to hide this if they choose. So please keep the comments coming in.

There’s a big difference between abusive and competitive. We’ve already got some updates in store over the next few weeks with more effective ways of reporting problems within the game. But, your feedback is noted, we’ll continue to listen to what the players want and make adjustments as necessary. So please do continue telling us what you think. As for blocking out swearing with $£@%$£, it’s really impossible to do - people just get around it by changing the characters slightly. If it was that easy to do, trust me, we would have already done it.

I see this is a really old post but I’d still like to have a say on this subject.I happen tp agree with the opinion that it is no ones business how many chips I have.I can’t begin to tell you how many people comment on how many someone has or how few and depending on which it is they feel free to harass about it. Why not give the player the option of choosing to hide it or not? That way everyone is happy and it isn’t a hard thing to do to make ALL there players happy!
NOW,about those promised emotes and HTML hmmmmmmm lol
Thanks for listening,

no there shud not be hiding option. phil ivey cant hide his millions can he? its similar…

I like seeing how many chips in the bank of my fellow players. I check how long they have been on the site and see chip count and it gives me an idea of how good they are. If I see someone on the site for awhile and has a low count I know they are a wild player and expect that if I am at a table with them. I know you can buy chips, but you usually can tell who does that. Example one player on the site less then a year and has over 12 million in bank.
Love this site and don’t understand how players complain so much.
You guys do a great job and it shows that you have the players interest as a top priority.


The amount of chips a person has does NOT tell you how good a player is…they can buy chips! I don’t mind someone seeing my rank but I do think my bank balance is mine alone to share if I want to or to hide that info. Many players I have talked with seem to agree,please give us all the option to choose,we are all big girls and boys :slight_smile: after all.

forgot to add my partners name to this which is BellesFantasy.I can’t access the forums as I have explained to owlady.It doesn’t show up for me anymore under my avatar.
Thanks again