Option to Hide Cards

I’d enjoy having an option to hide your cards, so that they only display when you hover your mouse over them.

  • simulates playing live, and gives you practice quickly peaking at your cards and then remembering the cards and their suits
  • recently thought it would be a fun trial playing some strategies where I don’t ever look at my cards
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I’m thinking you’re young with an intact memory. I can’t remember what cards I have for 10 seconds!


LOL, not as young as I used to be, but my memory seems to be in fair shape still. Errr… unless we’re talking about remembering to do the dishes…

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At some point, the code for replaying hands was rewritten so that when you folded your hand, your hole cards vanished. I would like to have the option to make that happen while playing, and not happen when reviewing a hand.
Although it might be helpful for review, the only thing i get from watching my folded Q2 flop 2 pair, and river a boat, is it distracts me from studying what my opponents are doing.

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That’s what sticky notes are for. Lift and peek LOL :joy:

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