Open Letter

An open letter to our forum visitors…

As you know, our revised guidelines for the Forum were recently posted in this category (Replay Poker Community Forum Guidelines - #3). We want to remind everyone that the purpose of the Forums is for all players to have an area where they can comfortably discuss topics and exchange ideas in a productive way. We most assuredly want folks who create or reply to topics to engage in friendly and civil discourse. We are a poker site and are pleased to be able to offer you poker-specific categories, such as Poker Strategy and Player Help, along with other categories. The Off Topic category enables players to post about a wide variety of topics that are unrelated to poker. We encourage you to take advantage of these categories – again, for the purpose of discussion and exchanging ideas that are of interest to the community.

There are occasions when comments result in conflict or when topics are used for personal chit chat, to gratuitously leave a mark with a thread, or diminish the value of a topic with trifling posts. In these cases, the topics devolve and become meaningless to the community. This is not the purpose of the Forum. Visitors can flag posts they find offensive rather than engage in argumentative discord. We provide chat windows in the games and site messaging for personal exchanges.

What does that mean? A post will be deleted for one of the following common reasons. In these cases, no message will be sent to the poster.

  • Posts that contain no relevant content or are gratuitous imaging and serve to diminish or derail a thread will be removed.
  • Forum topics that devolve into posts that are personally offensive and include either explicit insults or implied aspersions or disparagement will be removed.
  • Posts that are used to instruct and reprimand posters as well as direct participation are misguided and unnecessary and will be removed.

Repeatedly creating posts that contain the above types of comments may result in a temporary or permanent block to the poster’s forum privileges. Posters will be alerted prior to a block on their privilege being imposed.

We appreciate each player’s desire to respond to others’ questions and topics that are of interest to our community, that encourage healthy discussion rather than create ill will and that ensure visitors’ comments are received with respect and courtesy rather than disdain. Please bear in mind that the forum is neither a chat room nor a fight club.

Your assistance with ensuring that your posts reflect the purpose of the forum as an arena for civil discussion for the entire community is greatly appreciated.:slightly_smiling_face:

If you have any questions, please contact


Morning Susan. I would lock and pin this topic so it doesn’t get lost in the forums.

Great thread :+1:t2:

Just a suggestion.

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Thank you Susan & Replay Poker …


Certainly appears to be an attempt to create a safe zone for all participants…

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I agree and I think it is also to quell the noise.


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Neither of which contribute to a community with the free exchange of differing views, of course if you do not want that, well…

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