Online Social Media is a Gated Community!

Its getting increasingly frustrating and more difficult to find good technical information online and FREEROLL passwords on Online Social Media platforms because they are locking people out that wont join their cult. OFC I’m joking, but it is OSM is starting to feel more cultish.

OSM platforms like reddit, Twitter etc are trying to force users to get an account, and become active members just to view the site.

Obviously most users will feel slighted by OSM for these limitations. These sites have the right to place negative limitations on the users IMO - but OFC its still disappointing.

The FORUMs on RP don’t require an account to read - unless I’m wrong? Maybe RP could post FREEROLL passwords on this platform in addition to other OSM platforms?

BTW on RP, I’m fairly certain it was previously possible to view basic information on the site, including player profiles and replay hands on RP without being logged in. Why change it? To force users to get an account and become “active users”?

Obviously RP wants a presence on Online Social Media to market the site and product.
I wonder how affective this actually is?
Does anyone use any OSM for anything RP related besides finding FREEROLL passwords?

Replay Poker seems to only use a few OSM platforms. Threads is a new Twitter copycat which I care just as little about, but I wonder if its a good option for RP to market the site & product and make it easier for users to find FREEROLL passwords.

What about Truth Social! LMAO


You’re right. The whole world can read the posts.

To me, there is absolutely nothing even remotely “social” about all those worthless websites. Nothing but a bunch of rubbish spread around by zombies who are brainwashed and afraid that they won’t be “popular” if they aren’t on those websites. Nothing but a complete load of bull if you ask me. Social is getting together with friends and either getting hammered, going shooting, going racing, or playing sports. Not sitting behind a screen typing away pretending to be “cool”.

There’s a reason this world and the people in it are so messed up, and those particular so-called “social” websites ARE that reason. And it amazes me in this day and age that everything gets the 5 minute treatment, by which I mean something that has been created or manufactured within the last 5 minutes is “all the rage” and after that it’s forgotten about and they move onto the next 5 minute thing, that they keep coming back to the same old websites that have been around for years, as if it’s a brand new thing. When it clearly isn’t.

Ironic isn’t it.


Well said and yes, it’s a damn shame!

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@DogsOfWar @Craig_Anthony

How come I have to log in to Replay whenever I clear my cache and history? How do you access RP when the screen asks for you to sign in?

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Don’t clear your cache and history.

Just the forums are accessible by an internet search.

If you look at the bottom of the home page it tells you how many are online and how many are seated. The vast majority of online are those that never log out. They just close the window.

Hope that helps.

This is really weird, I just liked your Nora Jones song and am now responding to your post while logged out.??? As you can see it reflects my handle in this reply even while I’m logged out.

So, can I play poker while logged out? Just answered my own question, you can’t it takes me to the Log In screen.


Correct, you can’t play while logged out so just stay logged in and hit the X to close the window.

I log out of the forums but log back in with one click on the log in button with no password or username needed if your logged in on the main page.

My issue is Social Media is blocking people from viewing content without having an account and being logged in!

A lot of very important information & news will get released on Social Media, like Twitter! I think the Hudson river landing was first broken on Twitter. Natural disaster warnings, storm warnings, fire warnings etc.

I’m not hatting on SM! I personally don’t want to use any of it, BUT its a necessity for most people and almost every business or website. If you want the password for a FREEROLL u need to go search SM, and good luck finding it! People, websites, products etc all get marketed and promoted on SM - same as RP has a presence on SM.

I previously used Twitter to find FREEROLL passwords bc it displayed content even without having an account and being logged in. Instagram didn’t display content and always wanted me to sign in to view content which was basically useless to me.

As mentioned you need to be logged in to play on RP… A while ago I’m fairly certain I remember it was possible to view the web site Replaypoker .com and basic information like players profiles and replay hands etc…

It seems for some reason RP decided to block this like other SM sites…

I wonder if anyone bothers sending hand replays to friends on SM etc and what is the point if u cant view hands anyway?

Along with a lot of misinformation :warning:
Instant posts on Social Media means it can’t be verified instantly. Use caution :warning: