ONKP finals 2019, just had to share this :)

hi, i just wanted to share this, i played the ONKP finals and i did go very well, but before mentioning the results i first like to explain a bit more about the tournament itself:

first of all, onkp means open nederlands kampioenschap poker, translated it means open dutch championship poker. it’s a tournament without any money prizes (like replay) but it does draw all kinds of players with very varying skill levels, some just learned the game and know next to nothing of basic strategy, yet others have already played many big tournaments and won huge prizes with it. however the winner of the onkp will win a sponsor contract, the title of dutch champion 2019 and a huge trophy. and besides the actual winner, a few might also be chosen for a sponsor contract depending on how they played during the finals, but the odds for that are also very low.
this tournament has a lot of preliminaries all over the netherlands (this year 141 IIRC) and you can join as much of em as you like for €12,50 each. the best 6-10% of a preliminary will get a wildcard, which means if you get 2 you can play the semi finals, the top 5% will get a semifinal ticket immediately. however if you will win the 1st place of a preliminary you get straight away to the finals without even having to play any of the semi finals, and you get a trophy, with more then 80 players the 2nd place will also get to the finals. and if you win a semifinal ticket 4 times you also get to the finals immediately. so simply said, the odds of getting through the finals (and even the semifinals) are very small.

so now you know what this tournament means here is my story:
first of all, i managed to win the preliminary in haarlem (89 players) which means i got to the finals. and i obviously was already very happy i reached the finals in the first place, but i also managed to get a pretty good spot. the finals had quite a lot of players, there were 181 finalists and they mentioned that in the entire tournament (so including the prelims) there were over 9300 players. in the end i reached the 4th place :grin::grin::grin:. so clearly it was a double feeling, when you’re that far you obviously want to win. but besides that i had an amazing day and i am very happy i came that far into the tournament.

just in case people like to see the tournament, there was a livestream that showed the featured table, i joined the featured table once there were 32 players left and kept there till the end. i joined around 8:25:00 my real name is mitchel just in case you like to know who’s me :slight_smile:
(sorry for the language as it’s in dutch :wink:)
here is the link:


Congratulations on this amazing run ; I’ve never heard about this competition, but what a great result, which should definitely boost your confidence even more : you’ve got great great poker skills !

Well done once again, good luck with your next tourneys, keep grinding !


Very impressive!

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thanks for the very nice replies, great to hear :blush::grin:

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just curious, even though i feel like i put my best game on during the tournament, there is still one hand thats bugging me, not sure if i made the right decicion (i think it was but still) the hand starts on about 11:33:20. curious about the opinions here, i shall explain my own theories later

That’s funny, wanted to make a thread about it because I found it interesting, wanted to know why you you did what you did, also because it was a key moment in your run there at the FT. Lemme re-watch the hand…

You open A5o, would do the same, you’re the chip-leader with 25 BB’s. The BB, with 9 BB’s, calls here…The survival factor costs a lot here, he doesn’t want to be shoving and having to deal with a coin-flip against the chip leader… I feel like he’s call’ing range here is pretty wide, in comparison with his shoving range.

He snap shoves on that 388 board. IDK, but I would gently fold here. I wouldn’t want to waste 7-8 BB’s and let him double up ; I don’t know what “notes” you had on him, but he seems like a pretty good and dangerous player at the table.
What does he call/shove with? 55/66/77/99 maybe? I don’t see other hands, by calling he makes it clear he doesn’t want to be ripping off your equity here by shoving two overcards for example. What does he do with Ax’s here ? call with AT, AJ, and shove with AQo+? I find it so difficult to analyse, due to this high blind level, which makes tt difficult to read your opponent’s hand by looking at his shoving/calling range…
All in all, I still find the call too loose, I would call with A9/AT/AJ for example, but let A5 hands with only one-overcard go.

Please let me know what your thought process was like, I have to learn from you, not the other way around :wink: !

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BTW, I took into account that you are only “ITM” if you finish first, by winning a sponsor contract. So yeah, it makes me even more tight in this kind of spot.

first of all i like to mention i didn’t had very specific reads on him but i did knew he was a good player (and he was also the winner of the tournament in the end), in fact most of the table was playing well. so i expected he was having a good reason for the shove, either for value or as a bluff.
the thing is: i actually would put him on a big bluff range.
so first of all, i tried to put him on a range of hands. about overpairs, i didn’t put that into his range in the first place because i expect 99+ to 3bet preflop. first of all, im playing in position, meaning i do have an advantage postflop, and i could be playing a wider range of hands so he can do so as well. second reason is that overpairs (especcialy hands like 99) should be 3betting because they usually play poorly postflop, you almost always get overcard(s) on the flop and then you have to play a speculative hand out of poition with a big chunk of your stack already in the pot, the only reason not to might be because you’re scared im playing a bigger pair but that threat still remains on this flop (and like i said, i could play a lot more in this spot). so even though he had it, i don’t think overpairs should have been into his range because of those reasons and expected him to know this as well. maybe AA or KK might have been slowplaying preflop but i didn’t put that into his range either because i assume if they slowplay it pre he would do that on the flop as well, especcialy with a flop like this. besides i also assumed an additional chance to check any overpair to induce a cbet bluff from me and trap me like that. as for the 8, i also didn’t put him on that because you want to extract value from a hand like that. the 3 might have been into his range because it’s most likely the best hand on that moment and almost the entire deck exist out of scare cards. so the 3 would probably shove here, the only think is that there are very few 3x hands still playing, maybe A3 or 34, if hes loose enough maybe K3 but thats it. and he might play a small pair (22,44,55,66 or 77). theres still a chance these hands might shove preflop but i can see them call as well. in other words he has value hands into his range but they are just very few. on the other hand, his bluff range seems huge here. he probably knows that this flop will miss almost anything i could have here except pocket pairs or maybe A8. but besides those hands i might also play any A, a mid or high K, any broadway, maybe even suited connectors or mid/high suited 1 gappers. as for the hands he could have, he can play a very wide range here because hes on the BB meaning it could contain my own range and even much more mediocre hands. meaning his range exists out of an extremely high amount of hands while his value hands are only just very few. the pot size is already 344k meaning with just 444k behind you either have to bet very small without being already committed or just shove right away which kinda is also a slight advantage to a bluff because bluffs certainly don’t want to bet small just to get called, they want to win the pot right now, while value hands don’t want to scare you away on a flop you would rarely hit. you also have a very good point about my herocall with crap kicker as it was certainly a big part of my hestitation, but since i put him on a valuerange with almost no cards above the 5 i considered it an overcard as well in it’s own way. as for making a bluff in the first place, he only needs to win the pot for about 55-60% of the time if i make a calculation quickly, but lets just make it 65% just to round it up because of ICM. but still, my range exists of hands far above that because i simply have almost no value hands in that spot. on top of that you actually need far less then this 65% because that’s only when considering a bluff where you have zero equity, and even almost all bluffs have some equity. in other words you should shove here very widely. as for his bluff range. i think it can hold almost any hand that calls the BB simply because i miss way too much on this flop. so a rough sample of his range might be A2o-AJo, K6+, Q8o+, J9o+, 45o+, and almost any suited cards. of course i’m just mentioning a very rough example here about his range but these might all be hands that could have called from the BB. clearly some of these hands are less likely then others, but it’s still an extremely wide range, and as i mentioned before you could be shoving very wide simply because i probably won’t call. the only bluff hands i don’t wanna see here are A6-AT (maybe AJ or AQ if it won’t 3bet pre) yet all other ones could be calling from the BB and decide to stab if the flop is right, which is certainly the case. if we flip things and look at my odds, we need to call 444k to win 788k. so i need to be right about 36% (not actual odds, just roughly calculated) to profitably call there. and because of the huge bluff range i mentioned i expected to be good here more often then not. and he can even be bluffing less then 36% cuz of my additional equity of my hand just in case im wrong.
the only downside of all this is that i’m the chipleader and don’t like to risk that position (since i’m not yet in need of desperate decisions) with something speculative like this. but cuz of the reasons i mentioned i felt like i couldn’t fold there anymore because of the big bluff range he could have here.

but anyway, like i said i feel like made the right decision, but also i’m just not sure enough of it. but this was the thought process behind the hand.

thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:. but have to say you seem like you know your stuff as well :+1:t2:

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Thanks a lot for spending your time helping players like me ; Your explanation is clear, I have to admit that he’s bluffing range is huge here, and that it changes your decision therefor. I felt like he wouldn’t be bluffing that much due to ICM pressure here, but if he doesn’t take any risks he’s not going anywhere…
I agree that I found his 99 call weird, but he must have thought that he would just shove with such a flop, and check/fold all other A or K high boards ; he didn’t want to put his life in danger here with a pocket pair, and I have to admit that it seemed to be the best decision in the end…

Thank you for your reply once again, I’m not going to respond to everything since I agree on most of it. Nice thinking process, sad runout, but congrats once again, I hope you did get noticed !

P.S. Could you maybe add me, please ? I sent you a request, it would be nice !

Groeten !

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thanks 2u for your response as well :slight_smile:, always fun to share theories and help each other with strategies. have 2 admit i’m doing it less myself cuz i’m shorter in time lately, but hopefully i can help with more strategy stuff soon

thanks and yw :slight_smile:. there might still be a slight chance as the chosen ones (besides the winner of course) aren’t picked yet. but of course the odds are slim.

of course :+1:. would certainly be nice, i’ll check it out right away.

dankje groeten terug :slight_smile:

Never lose hope man, if not this ONKP, then surely the next one :wink:

Thank you, you’ll hear from me soon!

Good night !

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thank you :slight_smile:
good night 2u as well

Outstanding. Nice work.

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I can not open video, is there a word link I can go to?

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thank you :slight_smile:

i checked it out and it seems i have the same problem. it looks like they erased the original video for some reason.
the reason i used the twitch video is because the youtube vid was incomplete strangely enough. it missed about 2 hours of content in the end.
however i have seached for a good alternative and i have found it! apparently there is an additional vid of the final table which covers all the missing content of the original one. since i can’t edit the topic i’ll post the youtube video below and the final table vid below that.

have fun :slight_smile:

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Awesome post and fantastic achievement, congratulations Yiazmat!



thanks guys :grin: