One pair beat two pair?

Could you explain please this hand?
One player has AA (one pair) and the other has two pair (KK and JJ). Why one AA beat (or getting a share from the pot) while the other player with two pair not?
Is there anywhere a rule I can read about the split rules? Sometimes I am getting confused.

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AQ of Diamonds wins the hand with a flush taking out the player with 2 pair KK JJ … AA wins the Sidepot because his all in hand had more chips than the flush hand. Hope this helps , not great at explaining things. Maybe someone else can explain better.


Dealer: smooth99 wins 2,940 chips with Pair, Aces (Side Pot 1)
Dealer: whoeverit wins 10,385 chips with Flush, Ace High (Main Pot)

Smooth99 had the most chips in and won the side pot while whoeverit covered the remaining other players and won the main pot.

Its like this… if you have 2k, and I have 3k… and we’re both all in, you can only win 2k of my chipstack… while that is easiest to understand with just 2 ppl, the same principle is why 1 person won the side pot, while the other won the main pot…

try this also…

player A - 500
player B - 1000
player C - 2000
player D - 5000

Lets assume all players end up all in…

Player A can only take 500 from the other 3 ppl , or max pot they can win is 2k.
Player B can win 1000 from 2 ppl, 500 from the 3rd, and his 1000 … or a total pot of 3500, but thats 1500 more than the “main” which Player A can win… so the 1st sidepot is 1500.
Player C then can win 500+1000+2000+2000 or 5500, so a 2nd sidepot of 2000 is created…
Player D has everyone covered…

3 pots exsist… the main, 1st sidepot, & 2nd sidepot…
Main = 2000, 1st sidepot = 1500 , 2nd sidepot = 2000

Player C & D can wil all 3 pots
Player B can only win the main + 1st sidepot
player A can only win the main…

Does that sum it up enuff hrefa ???

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Yes, thank you! It helps a lot to understand that hand and other hands in the futures :wink:


good job Sassy :wink:

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At the very bottom of the dashboard page you will find the following…
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Click the word help and it takes you to the “Knowledge Base” section. Click VIEW ALL 27 under “Playing in Games & Tournaments” and the 12th one down explains how side pots work.
There is a shed load of good stuff there if you spend a while looking through all the topics. It really will help you to understand the games here and also how the site works.

Edit … You can also access it by clicking the ? on the top bar of the dashboard and clicking “Playing in Games & Tournaments”. Have a general look around there.


Thank you whoeverit :slight_smile: Will look at that knowledge base section. I was not aware of it :slight_smile:


Hi hrefa,

Any time you are playing and you notice a Players Rep or a Moderator you can ask them for any help you might need regarding this site and they will help you out. You will see the designation behind our names and a different color ink in our text. Good luck and have fun. Will see you at the tables.


Us old salts like to share our knowledge also.
There is always someone here to help :+1:t2:

We are a community here !!!


The winner of the pot was the flush - because they had unequal chips in they split between the winner (flush). That wiped out the player with 2 pair. The AA hand won the balance because s/he put in more chips than the winner. (I think)

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