One of a kind Stu Ungar

Greetings Replay Family,
I so much wanted to share this with all of you. I had just started in the business in early 1970, Richard Nixon was president at the time. When Stu first hit town in 74 / 75 He made a name for himself pretty quickly, his reputation was he’s way too cocky & young and had a serious drug problem… Everyone wanted a shot at him. They all knew it was a matter of time before it all would come crashing down.Then, after a while, most everyone was torn about his drug use. No one could resist Stu when you got to know him… The two camps were, it’s illegal and he needed to be locked up. Then, his inner circle that really came to respect him as a person and his game, in spite of the drug use. Most don’t know how much everyone desperately tried to help Stu. If you pushed a little too hard he would avoid you. The only one I know of who could chew Stu’s ass back then was old man Benny Binion from the Horseshoe. He loved Stu like his own. Benny understood and cared as one of his own kids was headed down the same path. There were times Stu was suppose to be somewhere for a game or tournament and was a no show… First call was usually to Benny when Stu was completely MIA. Then the old man would round up some dealers off the poker tables playing after shift, or at the bars. Then send them out in a small posse, two, or three sometimes. Just to track Stu down… Sorry I was so long winded. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this if you’re attracted to the history and / or their legend’s It’s a little over 45 minutes long. I love it. It’s like taking a time capsule back. All the emotions and feelings seem to come rushing back good as new…


wow , what an excellent show. real rags to riches & back again. RIP Stu, thnx for posting.