On a Boat, shipping it through the straights in cooler waters

At a 6-seat ring table, 2k/4k, I sit in for the standard buy-in 500k. My opening hand, I hit 97s for top pair, and bet it for three streets, getting a fold on the river, and take +111k pot with it.

From there, I don’t really get a hand until I wake up with Q8o in the SB. I’m allowed to limp for a family pot and flop trip 888s.

From early position, when you hit a gift hand like this, you don’t really want to check every time. You can, but only if the table is aggressive and you expect someone to stab at the pot if no one shows interest. From there you can either check-raise, or check-call multiple rivers until the pot’s nice and big, then go all-in and put them to a difficult decision. In the meantime they might hit a better draw and wreck your trips.

You also don’t want to bet too strong, because that will accomplish nothing but fold out all the worse hands, and then where are you?

So I min-bet, and get calls all around.

The turn card is perfect – a Q to give me 888s full of QQueens. It also happens to complete a straight, 8-Q for the player across the table from me. I again don’t want there to be no action on his street, so I lead out a min bet and the first player behind me, the BB, calls again, then the next player to act raises to 28k. The two behind him fold, and this is my chance. I raise to 52k. There’s no chance anyone folds a straight on this site, even with a pair on the board and facing a raise, so they respond by shoving for the rest of their stack. Unfortunately, it’s the smallest stack at the table, but it’s an easy call for me, and I take down a 276k pot.


So what would I have done from late position with this hand? Probably raised small each time someone bet. Not enough to make them fold, but hopefully enough to annoy them into re-raising: “Come on, you call that a raise? Bet like a man!” or just call. Inducing shoves by playing your strongest hands weak seems to be way safer than betting huge and daring opponents to call, which they only seem to do with their nut hands.