Omaha Sequoia Bounty

Is it possible to change the minimum number of players required for the Omaha Sequoia Bounty tourney from 4 to 2?
It’s almost always getting cancelled because it’s 1 player short, and some or the players who get busted out of Royal Endurance or Catch High Low tend to sign up late to Sequoia.

omaha was made for people cant handle Texas hold em in my thought roy bean turn in his grave

Well they are still people. We have to respect them :slight_smile:

Hi Maya-

Omaha Sequoia has been changed from a Guaranteed tournament without Bounties and is a twin of Omaha Battle Bounty. As a rule of thumb, Guaranteed tournaments have a minimum of 4 because we like to see some degree of participation before we add free chips over and over.
In all honesty, Omaha Sequoia has been on my list of events to change again, or even retire before long. It seems to be under performing due to time slot as well as Omaha high only mtt being less popular than Hi/Lo.
As you note, Late Registration is the only reason this tournament has managed to get the 15~25 it has on the occasions it does run.
I have changed the minimum to 2 players, starting from the next one after the currently registering one and lets see how it performs.

Thanks for suggesting a way which might save this mtt in the long run.



Brilliant! Thanks Rob. Hope it works.

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