Omaha-need for higher buy in games

I think we could do with some really high buy in omaha games.
For one it might bring in more sanity in the omaha games as the 2.5 games are a complete joke with 4/5 players all in every hand.With that sort of buy in the tourney is a total not sure if ive seen a 50k/100k/250k omaha tourney on this site,correct me if im wrong…if it does exists ive not seen it if so any chances of the frequency of the games…i did speak to a few and most were gung ho for a higher buy in game…cheers jazzbythebay

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Thanks for your feedback.

Highest Omaha is 20K at the moment, we are working at a new daily tournament schedule, think it is not a problem adding a couple of higher tournaments for Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo when more players are interested.

We can start with a few with a buy-in of 50K.

From today / tomorrow, there are more tournaments, Omaha (hi/lo), Holdem and Royal, and also tournaments with a higher buy-in.

Have fun!

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