Olympic tickets

I have a Gold and a couple of Bronze tickets that say they will expire…what does this mean and can I get chips for them…or entry to a tournament???

IMO this Olympic thing is not explained clearly…

The whole explanation you find on the main page of the promotion.
Not sure what is not clear for you.

I read that page, do not understand how a ticket “expires”…???

After the promotion the tickets just disappear from players accounts. That is the set up.

Today (August 21th) you can use a gold ticket to register for the Olympic Fireworks tournaments, there are 3 of them, depending on your number of gold tickets and the time you have you can use a max of 3 gold tickets.
Using these tickets will not affect the score on the leaderboard.

Where do you register…I do not see the Gold Ticket Tournaments listed
among the multi table tournaments???

Hi, just saw this, sorry but today last day , it was just a promo to give you something extra in tourney top places !!! So if you got tickets you also won play money . for about at least 90 of the sites players that it but for very few and on 22 of August 1 big winner with most gold etc. tickets takes it all , there will be at least 1 tourney the top 25 on the sight get to play in another tourney for more play money SO maybe 25 0ut of about 9000 players !!! how ever there maybe a tourney to nite you can play for a gold ticket ( that a 1st place win ) go to multi table tourneys they are only holdem games under purchase price they show a picture of a ticket also others can use play money to play ! so really over tonite for most players except top 1 and other 25 when your on dashboard click promos its there1 I HAD PROBLEM WITH IT ALSO

Do you register at the multi table tournament listings???