Oklahoma Holdem or Choctaw six-card

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No 53 card random generator for online play YET!
Those who understand the instructions can imagine
being dealt two 8s both the highest-ranking suit Hearts. Or being dealt aces and relieved to see one of the 8 hearts hit the board. Please comment and also try it at your next home game. I believe your poker buddies will love it.
The pocket 8s do not play in hands above two pairs vs two pairs.
Example of two pair hand involving stealthy suited pair.
Player 1. AK
Player 2. 88 hearts
Board flops AK2 AK has two pairs and is ahead
turn is 7= AK27
The river is 9= AK279
Ocean card is 2 or 7 or 9 matters not which card pairs on the board. The pocket 8s and the other pair on the board wins. The highest two pair wins and the hidden matching 8s are higher than aces.
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Choctaw six-card or Oklahoma Holdem

Top-Secret high stakes live cash game created by the Holy Okie. Very exclusive game needing a secret passphrase to enter. I will declassify the rules so people can play it. Make your own passphrase, I cannot reveal mine because it is top-secret and universal. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that this game becomes popular in Casinos World Wide. First, the deck must include two 8 of hearts. mark a joker as this card to create the 53 card deck. Stealth plays a part in changing the ranks of the poker hands as follows. High cards play normally. Pairs play normally unless someone is dealt suited pocket 8s. Beats aces when it is pair against pair. Plays in two-pair hands when the stealthy 8s are against aces up. This covers the power of the stealthy suited pair. The ranking of suits is needed because dealing with a six-card board allows the possibility of matching flushes and straight flushes. Hearts are high suit then Jewels then Clubs, and Spades are the lowest ranking suit. The sixth card is called the ocean card. The highest possible hand is 5 of a kind. Five (8s) beat all royal flushes no matter the suit. Should a casino implement this game I suggest a bad beat jackpot paying big to all losing royal flushes. Rare but possible now. And the hands rank like normal poker unless the previously mentioned situations occur. This published definition covers my patented rights should an online version be written. I only ask for free universal access to the site.

I hit the bad beat jackpot at the casino last night playing in the Choctaw six-card or Oklahoma Holdem tournament

by Spiritual-Master January 11, 2022

What ???

Oklahoma poker is available to play on some online games websites and in some casinos around the world. This poker game is very similar to five card stud poker, but there are a few rule changes that are important to learn.

You need to use a full deck of cards when you’re playing Oklahoma poker although you don’t use any of the jokers. Once you determine who will deal the first hand you should shuffle up the deck and get ready to deal the cards.

Before you can deal the cards out everyone in the hand needs to bet an ante into the pot. This ensures that there is always money in the pot from every player before the hand even begins. After everyone in the hand has posted the antes the dealer can deal out one face down card to every player and one face up card to every player. The player with the lowest face up card starts the first round of betting in Oklahoma poker once the cards have been dealt out.

Once the 1st round of betting is over in Oklahoma poker players are dealt another face up card, which is then followed by another round of betting. The remaining players are then dealt another face up card and there is also a round of betting that takes place after the card is revealed. There is one more card dealt to each player and then a final round of betting takes place between whoever is still left in the pot.

One of the main differences between Oklahoma poker and five card stud is that the lowest hand wins in this [poker game] rather then the highest hand. In Oklahoma poker aces are always considered low as well and you can’t use them as a high card, which is fine considering the fact you want the lowest hand possible. You also don’t want to have any pairs in your hand, which means the best hand in Oklahoma poker is an ace-five straight.

Both flushes and straights are counted when playing Oklahoma poker as well, which is slightly different then in some of the other similar poker games where these hands don’t hold any value. If you have an ace-five straight and your opponent has an ace-five straight, but his is suited then you would lose the hand in Oklahoma poker. Another unique rule in this poker game is that twos are wild in this game meaning you can use them as any card. This can really help you out since if your opponents see you have a wild or two they’ll be a lot more likely to fold even though you may not have the best hand.

Since you can see the majority of your opponents cards while playing [Oklahoma poker] you should really make sure that you observe them. When your opponent is showing an ace, two and several other low cards you can almost be sure that he has your hand beat. One thing to keep in mind though is that your hand is only as good as your worst card, which means you could have ace, 2, 3 and 4, but if your last card is a king then you’re probably not going to win the hand.

If you’re dealt a pair then you should fold every single time because you’re always going to be beaten at the showdown, which means the only way to win the pot is if you can manage to bluff your opponent off of their hand. If you have a pair in your hand it turns your 5-card hand into a 4-card hand, which means that anyone with a 5-card hand would be able to beat your hand.

Oklahoma poker is fairly popular in some USA casinos, but you won’t find it in any online casinos. Some game sites offer this poker variation where you can play for fun and learn the game if you’d like. You can also play Oklahoma poker with your friends since it’s easy to learn how to play and there is plenty of betting in every hand to keep everyone happy.

If you read my post it states This game is a new creation I have not witnessed My game anywhere but at my private live poker sessions. Everything you typed is true I will not Butt heads and argue. Everything I wrote is also true, The games you described are different than Choctaw six-card and the extra 8 hearts is needed for my game. 53 card deck. New decks of cards do not come with an extra 8 hearts. So the Joker is used exclusively for the extra 8 needed. I just use a red sharpie and mark it. Blessings, respect, and love always