OFFICIAL CONTEST - Who would win?

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! You are welcome to continue the discussion, but no other responses will be counted toward the drawing. Thank you for participating!

For the first time, we’re running a silly contest over here in the forum! Between these fictional characters/celebrities, who do you think is most likely to win and why? We’ll be randomly drawing five participants to receive 100,000 chips! :moneybag:

Please discuss and debate as much as you like! Winners will be drawn on Wednesday, January 10th. :1st_place_medal:


Samuel Jackson…did you see him in Pulp Fiction? Aggression is a huge part of the game and Jackson has got what it takes…

Sherlock Holmes … because he is a man of strategy.

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Samuel Jackson…he is grat!!

Samel Jackson because he’s a very smart person and would be able to come up with a strategy to win.


Sherlock Holmes for sure !!! and he was a great Poker Player lol.

Elementary my dear Watson, Sherlock Holmes of course.

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Sherlock Holmes, very analytical.

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Sherlock Holmes, very analytical!

Sherlock Holmes. Why? He would have the other players “tells” figured out just after the first hand.

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Sherlock would win because he is a world class thinker and would analyze you to death. a super double throw down clinical thinker. he was also a gambler but never
publicly spoke of his successes Winning poker involves breaking codes, misdirection, manipulation and the fundamental ability to discover the truth when others attempt to hide it. the game is afoot. Your opponents are constantly inventing.

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Elementary my good man, Sherlock Holmes is the name, strategy, analytical thinking, misdirection and of course his ability to deduce every players tell

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Sherlock Holmes would win his logic an unerring thinking would win all day long,plus he spots bluffs and red herrings …:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

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It would of course be Princess Leia, as the FORCE would be with her

Princess Leia! She has Force powers… :grin: No logic or strategies needed :nerd_face:

Princess Leia - She would have Knowledge of many Strategies that are not developed yet.

Sherlock would take so long to think about it, smoke his pipe and play his violin he would be timed out.
Samuel Jackson is known for aggression and he would risk all in with 7 - 2 off suit.
Princess Leia is ruled very much by her heart and her husband.
Daenerys Targaryen rose to power through tactical abilities and her army has defeated three cities

Therefore she gets my vote for patience and tactical cunning.


Princess Leia… as she could hide all the Aces in the buns on her head :):slight_smile:

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Elementary,Sherlock would be leading all the way until Daenerys makes him lose his head :wink:

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Gotta go with Sherlock. This would not be a new situation for him - his whole career is based on analyzing.

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