Offer big blind buy-in button

There is now a message when you move to a new table about not being able to start with a small blind. why not have a button to push that asks if you want to enter paying in the big blind amount?

Hi Slowpoke-r,

You can do this now if you choose to sit at the table in the dealer position. The button will skip you and you can choose to play immediately by posting an extra big blind. Sitting as the small blind, however, the rules say the player has to wait and we’ve no plans at this time to add an option to override that.

Cheers, Lesley

Further to Lesley’s response, I’ll repost here the update we sent out last week, that explains fully how sitting down in the small blind or dealer position now works:

We now correctly handle what should happen when a new player joins a table. This prevents other players unfairly paying multiple blinds:

Sitting down in small blind position

------------------------------------------------- The small blind skips to the next player and you must wait for the next hand to play.

Sitting down in dealer position ------------------------------------------------- The dealer button skips to the next player, and you may choose whether to post an extra big blind to play immediately, or wait for the next big blind to play.

The same rules apply to tournaments with one exception: when joining as the dealer, the button will skip your seat and you can play immediately without posting an extra big blind.