Off to Nevada

Leaving early Monday morning for one of my annual treks to Nevada. Will be gone a week. Will go to Laughlin, Nv. first and spend 2 nights there, then on to Las Vegas for 5 nights. I have pre registered for two tournaments while in Las Vegas. I will just play the other days and nights by ear. Most likely will make the Deep Stack at the Venetian and Possibly the Saturday afternoon deep stack at Binions. While in Laughlin I will probably do one tournament at the Colorado Belle and one at Harrah’s. I am staying at the Riverside in Laughlin and the at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas.

One of my favorite tournaments is the Whiner Invitational, a private tourney that I play in every year. This is the Eleventh time for the event. In 2011 I won the Fifth time it was held. I am hoping to be the first repeat winner of this tourney.
The first two were hosted by the Venetian Casino. The next five were hosted at the M Resort and Casino, and this year will be the third time that the South Point has been the Host. A nice place to stay, nice rooms, a very good poker room and good food and amenities throughout the Casino.
This tourney is on Wednesday night and the other one I have entered is also at the SouthPoint and it is on Friday night.

I am taking my laptop, but not sure if I will be checking in here or not.

Hoping you all wish me luck and will be in touch when I get back.



Always wishing you the best of luck, on the tables and off. Hope to hear some great stories when you return.

In bocca al lupo!

Wishing you NOTHING but luck! And if it’s a great time, what greater evidence of good luck could you find?!

Good Luck and have fun.

Sounds like a good time, good luck!

Run Good! Have fun!

very nice vacation :slight_smile:. have fun and good luck.

Good luck! Win lots of money!

Good luck and have fun!!!

Have a great adventure. May the flops be kind and the fishes plentiful.

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may the force be with you Seville. Good luck and kick some ass.

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Bump - the man is back. We need tales of glory! How’d it go Seville?

Hey Warlock,

Good to be back, had a good time as always, but glad to be home too. It was far from the most productive trip I have ever made. I was pretty busy most of the time, but did manage to play in 4 tournaments. Did not do well at all. Only cashed in one of them and the net for 7th place barely covered the entry fees for the 4 tourneys. Net was + $30 lol. I did play a couple of hours in a live game and won a llittle over $300, so not all bad. I had a great time at the chip collectors convention. Sold, bought and traded a bunch of chips and some plaques. Came home with more than I went with.
It was around 125 degrees when I arrived in Laughlin last Monday. Felt deep fried just walking from car into Casino, and I was parked close to the front door. I never came out of Casino until I left Wednesday morning to go on over to Las Vegas. It was a little cooler there, about 119 degrees when I got there. I parked and only came out of casino once until I left. The one time out I went with some buddies to a pizza place for dinner one night before a poker tourney.

In those tourneys: In one with 59 players, I went out at around 25th, in one with 90 players I went out 21st, in one with 52 players they paid 4 place, I was the bubble boy in 5th. The one I cashed in had 88 entrants and paid 15 places. I got 7th for $450

Left Vegas yesterday about 1 pm, got home about 9pm.

Looking forward to seeing you on the tables.



too bad there were no big prizes, but at least nice you made some profits, gratz :slight_smile:.

what were the buy in’s of the tourneys?

Good to have you back ! Sounds like a great trip to me minus the heat of course lol

See you on the tables.


Thank you Craig.

Yiazmat, all 4 of those tournaments were kinda low cost tourneys, The entry fees ran from $65 up to $165 buy ins. The one I cashed in paid about 60% of the pool to the top three finishers. I only came in 7th so was limited payout. One of the tourneys allowed people to buy back in if knocked out during the first hour and an add on at the end of the hour. I wasn’t knocked out, but did buy the add on. I forgot to mention in earlier post, one tourney had #10 bounties and I collected $40 in that one.

I had hoped to be able to play in a couple of bigger, deep stack tournaments while there, but was just too busy and ran out of time. Hopefully do that next trip. But glad I got to catch the ones I did, had a good time.

Best Wishes,



Welcome back…glad you had a good time.

Well! Glad it was fun…

Thank you very much, nice to be here. See you soon