OESD question

Daniel N. once called AQ his million dollar hand, since that’s what it’s cost him over the years. That’s how I feel about open ended straight draws.
Anyone else feel like they hit much less that the charts say the do?
If not for the dominant stack, I’m probably folding here. I’m guessing some would say that the two spades on the flop, single overcard, or higher straight draw, would justify saving the stack for a better spot. They might be right. Any thoughts?

BTW I don’t consider this a bad beat.

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If he shoved with a queen you had a straight draw but your king was also live, so I’m pretty sure the call is mathematically correct in that specific situation given your pot odds. He shoves with a draw sometimes and also sometimes with random trash, so king high can even be ahead. But the effective stacks are so short this really can’t be analyzed as poker.

IMO Your opponent deserved to lose for open limping UTG with a 3bb stack holding Q6o. He should be playing push/fold preflop exclusively.