Odds bad calculated

“Kian” was making blind all-ins almost every round, so I though i had possibilities with this hand. I was obviously too greedy. But thanks to this mistake now I have an interesting question.

After flop I have an open ended straight draw [OESD]… and a very remote possibility of flush

After playing I analyzed this hand with a calculator and i was surprised.

This hand with 5 players is 19% winning. 16.5% for each opponent.

With 3 opponents the hand is 27% winning. 32% for each opponent

¿Why with less players I have “worse hand”

Hi @Topav,

Your hand equity can be considered as your “share” of the pot, at that point in time, if no more bets are made.

So, against 5 players, your “share” of the pot is 19% and against 3 opponents your share is 27%.

I hope that you can see that your hand is “worth” more if you have fewer opponents. Don’t forget that the same is true for those opponents though - because they also have fewer opponents, their equity increases. In this case, because you had such a poor hand to start with, your opponents gained more equity than you did.

My advice, if you are against someone who shoves too frequently, is just be patient and keep on folding. Trust me, you will eventually land a premium hand and take the pot. If calling a shove is going to be profitable for you, you need to have a minimum of 50% equity.

Hope this helps,


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