Oddly censored words

OK playing the first event of the Winter Games, I wrote the phrase “chocolate covered coffee beans” and got a long line of censored text. Figured out it’s the word “covered.” Odd. Then, later, I wrote the word “achieved” and that was censored too. These seem like unusual words to censor. Just curious what’s going on.

Odd. I had that happen about two years ago. I addressed a player by his/her handle, which was “knob.” It was censored. I suppose mine could be stretched to mean something dirty rather than the player’s chosen name, but don’t see how yours could. (Maybe I’m missing out on some rare perversion.) Who knows? I wouldn’t get too excited about it, though. Likely just some glitch in the program that ultimately won’t mean anything in playing the games. Good luck.

Keep pushing your luck, you’ll be muted. :grinning:

These are strange indeed! I will investigate and see if we can get it fixed.

Check out what was really meant www.urbandictionary.com you’ll find that that sentence has a very derogatory meaning, I shall definately be keeping my eyes open for you at the tables Matchstk !!

Oh for …

I meant actual coffee beans. Actually covered in chocolate.In order to stay up all night and play all the tournaments in Event 1. I don’t know urban slang.

dude that’s just nasty

Well I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt but… it just goes to show that you have to be very careful what you type,… never leave room for a missunderstanding … I had a player on a table type “GF” to another, the other player took it as “Get F**ked” … in fact the first player actually meant “Good Fold”, so I’m just saying… think before you type something into chat, can it be taken another way?

Let’s be careful out there…

The examples Matchstk brought up are pretty innocuous. Pretty much anything can probably be skewed into something untoward if you try hard enough, so it’s all about context. I think it’s fair that we allow very common words like “covered” and “achieved” without weird asterisks making regular conversations unintelligible.

Oddly, these words didn’t appear on our list of items, but I’m following up with our tech team to see how we can get it resolved. Thanks again for pointing out the weirdness. :slight_smile:


Really?? I do not see how…I will have to look it up where you said and see.

Quick follow-up – I confirmed with tech that this is an issue and they’ll be fixing it when they have some time. Interestingly, when you type those words, the entire line goes blank as opposed to the typical asterisks in intentionally-censored words, so it’s definitely a curious bug. I’ll post here once it’s been resolved.