Number of players ; newsletter

How many players ( total, not just active) does Replay have? Where is the newsletter located?

Seems like their newsletter located in the moon Moe, I’m tired to tell them this. They are always ignore me about best players and keeping put others as best ones which are not.

We currently have over a million registered users. The newsletter doesn’t currently “live” anywhere other than getting sent out to players who are subscribed to our e-mails, but we can always send any month out to any player again if they write into support and ask for it. :slight_smile:

@Caracal – I haven’t gotten any requests from you about stand-out players! Are you talking about the Player of the Month? Feel free to drop me a PM or send us an e-mail at and I’d be happy to review your suggestions. Keep in mind that players also have to agree to be featured. :wink:

If you use gmail, check your spam folder. I don’t know why, but the newsletter always ends up there in my account, even though all the notifications don’t.