NOW LIVE: Missions!

We are thrilled to announce a brand-new feature that just launched on Replay Poker: Missions!


Missions are a fun way to earn extra chips while you’re playing at our ring tables. Each day, you’ll receive a set of five missions that are tailored to your typical playing habits. Complete one and you’ll earn FREE chips! Complete them all, and you’ll earn a sweet bonus on top of it. :sunglasses:

Most of our permanent promotions have been tailored toward tournament players in the form of leaderboards, so we’re excited to offer our ring devotees a new way to earn rewards as you play.

Our volunteers have been beta testing Missions for the past several weeks, and have provided fantastic feedback, which has been incorporated into the new feature.

Please leave any feedback related to Missions in this thread: Official Missions Feedback Thread (+ CONTEST through Dec. 20!) - Suggestions & Feedback - Replay Poker

Ready to learn more? Check out this article that explains how it works:

We also have a list of common questions in the following article, and will update it as we receive more inquiries:

Please note that this first version is only available at Texas Hold’em ring tables.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing your impressions!


Thanks to those of you who left thoughtful feedback in our Missions thread! Based on your suggestions, we’ve made a couple of changes:

  • We replaced the large progress bar at the top of the table with a small flag icon. When you click on this, it will display your missions and progress.
  • The flag does a quick shake whenever you’ve made progress toward one of your missions.

Please keep your ideas coming, as we’ll continue to make improvements to this new feature. :slight_smile:


Coming soon: Omaha Hold’em missions! This will roll out on Monday, August 14th. If you’re a fan of Omaha High ring games, let us know what you think in our missions feedback thread. :dart:

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