Notes on the Bubble

Paul u said a while back that notes on the bubble will be here soon… said you was working on it. Do u have any idea of when that might happen. zona79

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Yes, I think this woud be a help and a welcome addition.

I just think it would be a lot easier to just click on the name of the person on the table, instead of changing pages. and maybe add a little “n” like down n the right corner of the name, so that we would know that we have notes on them. A lot better than changing pages. Will be very happy, when we get them.



I think this is a good idea looking forward to it hope to see it soon

great idea

Would give us more of a in sight on how that person or persons play. thx to all for commenting… makes me Happy :slight_smile:

great idea Zona, much needed and hope we see it soon.

Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles)

In the wine (in the wine)

Make me happy (make me happy)

Make me feel fine (make me feel fine)

Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles)

Make me warm all over

Z’s idea is the best invention since poker!!

lol Al pass those tiny bubbles my way.

Accessing and keeping notes on the game tables is something we’ve got on the roadmap for the quarter. So some time before end of June!

I can’t wait =P

Thx Paul, I can’t wait… will b so nice to have them, this has made me very happy.

Thx Plaz, I appreciate it. will be so much better. once we get them, because by the time u go look at the notes page on that person or persons, when u get back to tbl… u r already folded out of your hand.

ty u2 Alvin, u will c, will be much, much better.


Thx to all my Friends, 2 take time out to post.


Thank You Bill. this will be a great addition and will help us all to know, how that person on table plays, then I’m sure I might win a bit more. lol

Thx Sharon for backing me up on this idea. I know you wanted it to. Like they had on Carbon Poker. which was a good site until they went Bonkers lol. I Like Replay much, much better. Thank You, Friend. zona