Notes on players

What kind of notes do you keep on players?

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If they bluff, if they go all in all the time , nice to play , was rude … etc :slight_smile:

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I try to get notes, obviously, on their playing style. I often use keywords (tight, agressive, passive, limps a lot, raises a lot, what hands he raises, if he bluffs, how he bluffs, and i think the most important his betting pattern, it often really helps me a lot) etc, but I also like to add any other info that might be useful, like some particular interesting plays (for e.g. raises, gets a 3-bet, and limps with QQ)…

And I like to put some notes to players who are nice and friendly, just so I don’t forget :slight_smile:

P.S. I often put a note too when I get a cooler, so I’ll be able to take my revenge on another table.


You should also put the date of your note because players can change their game play over time.


Good one, I’m pretty new so didn’t think about that. Thanks.

I also note players that play well at a final table and how they play heads up. The other thing I do is make a note of the game type. A good hold’em player may not be so good at the omaha tables.


I generally note often seen sound (good) players along with very bad players with their habits and/or tells.
I must continually change the notes on good players, but rarely on the bad ones.

It’s not their fault if you get a cooler, though.

Well, the term “cooler” is maybe not perfect. For example I shove AA, and the call with any two, and win the pot.
I do take notes when some player beats me while he was playing badly, so I can remember :smiley:

Not a cooler, but still not their fault. I mean, they weren’t disrespectful or anything; they just played badly and scored a bad beat.

Well, I still hate it when someone who’s playing poorly gets rewarded. It is their fault ; if they would have had some poker knowledge, they would for example have folded and I would have won the pot.

The term “bad beat” doesn’t describe this neither, it’s just “poor poker skills”.

P.S. I was never talking about being disrespectful or anything. If someone bad beats me by luck, I add a note so I can take my revenge… Seems logic, doesn’t it?

The expression is, in fact, “bad beat”. It means they were playing the losing hand at the time of the call, and wound up hitting an unlikely draw by the river and won. If they had all that knowledge, they would be much tougher to beat, actually. Right now all they have on you is luck.

Seems fair, I thought you were talking about a shove which results in a “bad beat”.

Anyway, take notes lol !

I usually post the date they started replay, that compared to their ranking gives me a bit of an idea as to how good they are. I post if they are a bingo/craps player, if they are fun and like to chat, If there is a negative in my post I date it so I can see if they change or improve in the future and I post those changes. I also post if they tend to increase the hole card bets or right after the flop and if I suspect that they bluff a lot. I put notes on most of the folks I meet at the tables, it helps me remember playing them in the past. Sometimes I post ‘personal’ comments like if someone likes dogs or has an illness or other information from their profile so I can propertly address them or respond if we meet again.