Not working fold/check/raise etc buttons

Hi there , i am having a problem with the those buttons you can press for automatic fold/ check , raise any and so on… they haven’t been working for a while now . If asked others but they don’t seem to have the same problem . If strange because i used to work, not sure when the problem started but i know its been like this for a while now…So when i put in that i want to call any, of fold when someone else raises …i always have to press it again when its my turn to call/or fold/raise . Hope i’m been clear enough cos i dont know how to explain it otherwise. Thanks for your time ! Sunny

Hi Sunny

Sounds as a glitch in your software / software connections. This is what you can try first.

Clean your browser (remove cookies and browser history), make sure you have the latest version of your browser and Adobe Flash Player (or better re-install Adobe Flash Player), See if you have the same problem when you use another browser (Firefox, IE, Google Chrome or another)

If this not works, plaease send an email to support (or use the ? in het header) and explain the problem, mention your computer specifications and the result of a speed test (

Greetings Happiness.

That’s really odd. Can you record a quick video showing what happens when you click them using - it’s free and you can post a link here to the screencast.