Not taken to table at tourney start! Tourney # 396929

I registered for tourney and could see my name.When button should have turned green for play instead it returned to register.I had to sign out and back in several times to see the green play button.I have had this randomly happen several time(3 or 4) out of hundreds of tourneys played.Hope this helps. Thanks

Does this issue happen on other parts of the site, for e.g: or just at the tournament window?

After you have signed out and in again, could you still see the button as registering or no buttons at all?

This occurs only after seeing the small go to table window and having closed other windows.Instead of turning to the go to table icon it reverts to the register box,All graphics remain the same the only change is the small check box which normally changes color ans says go to table does not change color but the writing changes to register,

I know this is not a great explanation but is the best I can do.I hope it helps.

Thanks for your response!

@texasdave I really appreciate your description of the problem. It will help us tracking down the problem.

I’ll come back to you as soon as we make progress on fixing the issue.