Not sure where this goes

Seems like you guys have made substantial headway on making the game more enjoyable…thank you…just curious though, have you guys ruled out making the tables look like tables vs the chalk line on the grass?

Also, some of the games randomly start out with a window smaller than it should be and it must be stretched to get the stats to be visible…sometimes this applies to the lobby also… not intolerable but…

In addition, the hand before being shifted to another table is many times a question mark…the shift is made before we can see who won…again not intolerable but…

Thanks for all you’re doing…have a great week


We definitely haven’t ruled it out! We still plan to add a table to the table – so to speak. :stuck_out_tongue:

The other two issues you mentioned are on our list of bugs to be fixed. I know that the rebalancing problem is particularly annoying and it is a higher priority.