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I play the 9:45 AM (CST) Satellite to the 7.5K MTT that pays tickets for 15 places. During one of the matches, a player told me, after going all in with nothing and the field was less than the 15 places, that he would get a ticket anyway since he was 10th or so at the time of his being knocked out. The field eventually exceeded the 15 players. Is this true?

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Not true. If it worked like that, I’d be trying to be the first knocked out in every tourney to claim 1st prize and leave the suckers fighting for the small stuff!

The prizes are allocated to whoever has chips once the prize levels are reached. Anybody who is knocked out before then walks out the door with nothing.

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Actually, the 7.5K satellites do sometimes pay out more than the stated number of tickets. They need a certain number of players to start, but the number needed to start is less than the number of positions that are paid out. So if the game starts with 10 players, but gives a ticket to anyone finishing in the top 12, then anyone losing before the number of players reaches 13, gets a ticket. Whether you play the entire game or just the first hand or two, if the pop up announces that you are 12th or better when you are busted, you will get a ticket.

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So… one vote for…one vote against…Which is it?

I’ve actually collected tickets losing early - going all in on the first hand with a low starting field either gets you out with a ticket early or an early lead, so its a win-win. The only time you lose is when players take so long to fold that enough players join before the hand ends and you end up bubbling. I remember one game where 7 of 9 players went all in on the first hand - 6 people got tickets and one had a commanding lead :slight_smile:

In your circumstances, it does not work the way that you describe.


It works exactly the way that @bahia7 describes :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :goat:

Exactly @bahia7 :+1:t2:

So does this strategy also apply to MTTs that pay cash (so to speak) also? It seems like a flaw in the game playing process…I’d like some feedback from a Replay official of some sort so that I can maybe understand the logic used here…

I think u are making a mountain out of a mole hill here … This only occurs in satellite MTT when “when the stars are aligned”

You’re right…it just seems wrong

I know you’re a friend of Tiggy, so I’ll ask you
I play Omaha Hi Lo. I won the Jan. monthly and am currently 4th in Fed., yet I am 5th in the yearly. Isn’t that impossible? Thanks fill119

dave yer so slow and only play once every 5 hands it shouldnt matter at all to you

B/C they count top 180 games for yearly … Interesting I have same deal in Mid Stakes I won the Jan and am 4th in yearly

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I’ve had friends who do this with 7.5k satellites, it definitely works, although it is not fair and kind of breaks the game so I think it should be fixed.