Not showing up to play tourneys all the time

I think once a person signs up for a tournament and never shows up IE: Pummelr should not be able to play in them for a set period of time… I realize people sign up and things come up but he does this daily and it gets annoying playing a table with like 6 people and 4 post n folds b/c they r up in chips and wanna stay at the top or just people like him who do it to aggravate people… Maybe a record or someway to keep up with this type of nonsense… Which hes well known for!!!

You can do this at any tourney I have bought into. You can do this at Vegas also. Why change what you have earned the right to do by winning chips, and what casinos do. You wanna play you gotta pay.

U do this to be an arrogant pile of dung!!! Enough said

Blue…Maybe we should get rid of WALKS in baseball and free throws in basketball too. I like to win by just what Blue said in her comments, I’ll take it any day.

If U had any talent at all U would show up and play… U want the points as if they matter to keep Pummelr on a toplist… Seriously Pummelr when 99.99999% people despise 1 player on any poker site or in life in general u need a reality check… Learn some poker skills, play the Tournaments, & we all will enjoy seeing u busted out… Wow theres the next best idea… WHO EVER BUSTD PUMMELR out of tourney gets a bonus… Every tournament u would have a Pummelr buster… So sad

I like the 4 round idea Happiness…as long as it isn’t just 4 rounds, play 1 hand and leave again…as I have seen this in other sites with this same type of situation.

I am in Full agreement with URINDANGER it is a sad day when someone is here just for the STATS… and Obviously Pummelr is here for ONLY that reason. I played an OMAHA Tourney last night, where he actually got 2nd place money…( I won) I had to use my Poker Skills to Win 1st place,So Very Irritating!!! Reminds me of a child where winning is the ‘most important thing’ not how you played the game.

I agree u have bingo players usually same person going all in against each account then get the stack piled up the post and dont play til the blinds get real high and the field has dindled down… But I like the idea Eve… Most that do this cant play their way out of a grocery bag!! :slight_smile:

Get used to it Blue… If u beat him in tourn he actually shows up for he will send u message after message saying things that elementary kids would say… HU I have taken and so has plenty others his stack and he will talk trash the whole time… He wins a few hands and gets some chips he talks smack then leaves so he can say AND PUMMELR WINS AGAIN… Replays most hated by far

Awww It seems to be working…

Keep the rules as if you would be playing in a real tourney with real people, same way it has been for a lenghty time. Players show up late at TV tourneys all the time and…at un televised tourneys I have played. No Whiners please…

You are only happy because you are the only person benefiting from this childish behavior. I think Happiness has a Very good Idea that should be Implemented as Fast as it can be…To STOP This Ridiculous Behavior. He obviously thrives on the Negative Attention that he gets. It is Taking Away From What I am Sure Replay Wants Their Site to Be Viewed As.

Keep the rules as they have been Replay, it is the way it is and has been all over the world. Play by the rules and things stay fluent.

I have read all the comments regarding this issue. I feel Pummelr is right by typical table rules. However, The difference is at a physical table you know the player is not their and you can play and make your playing decisions accordingly. THE SOLUTION IS TO FLAG THE POST AND FOLD SEAT SO EVERYONE KNOWS IT IS EMPTY. If you can’t beat an empty seat who’s fault is that???

Keep the rules as they have been Replay, it is the way it is and has been all over the world. Play by the rules and things stay fluent.

nonotme Everyone can beat an empty seat bt the end of tournament, wtf r u talking about… Problem is when u have 9 max enter a tour and hes 1 0f the 9… 8 people play hard and try to win… As low as the blinds are his seat just posts 20 chips every 6 hands… The 8 playing u may have 3 people with possible nuts and go all in… Wel there goes to 0ut of 8 left… By the time the ones left knock each other hes done nothing and placed in top 3 and gets his attention he starves for… Anyone can beat a seat without the player there its just when u play hard to win and lose on a sux out and finish 4th and hes posted and never played a hand and places… Thats a pitiful excuse for a poker player to even consider…

The point is if u know the seat is for sure empty u can make better decisions about your hand. The rules of the game are what they are. A player can sit and post and fold to third even if he is there should he choose to do so. One may not like how another plays the game but part of the game is dealing with different styles and methods doing your best with your style and methods to work around theirs to win.

So true, nonotme…well said and using logic. I usually play no limit games and I can also go all in whenever I want…because…it is no limit POKER. Also…maybe people just can not get to the tourney in time and may start in the middle of the tourney, which is the way the rules are. Maybe the 8 or 9 people who are trying so hard to win should try harder…and for first place. Again people…remember you are playing POKER.


Wrong again.

Check rules…go to a casino


No! U r trying to taylor the rules to your preference and comfort zone. I say flag the empty seat and deal with it. But. make them pay the best u can!