Not Rebalancing Correctly

Still having problems with not being moved tables on a rebalance, must do it manually… bigg hassle and have lost hands on final table cause I wasn’t moved/seated right away.

If you can’t balance correctly, maybe you could try training wheels? I seem to remember they helped me when I was learning to ride a bike.

Just trying to be helpful, as always. :slight_smile:

That wasn’t helpful, It came across as rude,

Dear @fizzymint,

Hand #326035257 is the BB hand…

I was recently rebalanced, but the software never completed the rebalance… unlike the hundreds of times this had already occured and never seems to be address’d… It was not in the current circumstances…and cannot be “fix’d” after the fact.

By the time I realized the software screwed up, and manually changed tables, I was the button… NOW, after spending the next 2-3 hands opening windows, tracking down when I was moved, and what the frick hands I miss’d… I realized the above listed hand and the next hand ( my SB ) I was never there for, I only arrived after losing AND PAYING THE BigBlind and The SmallBlind hands, without any chance of playing them…

You cannot fix this an ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM… there is a fix’d # of American 15k’s before the 13th deadline for TheColleseum promotion… Just a simple refund isn’t enuff… Taking this MTT outta the promotion, hurts me anyway, cause I did last past 50% and got some pts … you can’t let me play the american 15k on the 14th and still count for the promotion either… There was no way in realtime for me to contact support fast enough for this.

When a person is rebalanced, thier seat should show reserved( on the new table), untill the rebalance is completed… NEVER should a player lose a hand, especially pay the blinds, untill the software actually seats them @ the new table… it can take up to 3 hands to manually rebalance yourself if it fails to do so, if that happens @ the wrong time, you’re 100% screwed, especially the deeper you go into the MTT…and especially when you pay the blinds yet aren’t even seated @ the table.

Please address this ASAP… its stupid, and hurts players directly.:rage:

Yup originally posted 6 months ago.

Very sorry for overlooking this initially, and being slow to respond this week! Taking on some new projects that have eaten into my forum time. :face_with_head_bandage:

There are occasional instances in which the rebalancing can hang and a manual rebalance is required. It’s very annoying, and I’m sorry that it comes up from time to time. It’s been on our radar, and we hope to have rebalancing occur more smoothly and consistently after some poker server updates that we’re currently working on.

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Thanks for responding, but if you piss off your customers before you roll out a new update, they are still gone as customers cause they prolly already have left Replay Poker… I am so frustrated right now because too often I seem to get … " the stock corporate answer "… that is insulting to the player and the staff person saying it …

When a specific programming issue comes up, and someone in a non-programming role @ replay answers it, it usually is meaningless … Same goes for a Head Mod question, answered by a non-mod person…

This particular problem, has less to do with Replay, than it does the incredible problem of different browsers/operating systems especially since this is a No-Download site … so basically in my opinion, its like coding in a “error-trapping” routine, so any error won’t crash the system… You flat out have to assume it will happen, and devise a way to catch it before it becomes a problem for your customers…

Yes Fizzy, here comes the “but” … But, if there’s 1 person ( outta 7 on staff ), that is the Forum Mgr, then yes I assume each day ( yes 7 days a week for such a small company ), that person checks msgs/email, and runs thru new topics … I certainly don’t evpect them to see “broken” in the title of a post, and just ignore it. I certainly don’t think that will take more than 1-2 hours… yet on occasion It might.

I’m not here to give staff such problems, on the contrary … I try to help …
In another post I showed how 3-4 lines of code, makes a big difference… thats not a 2 week project, thats a 1/2 hr project at most… The staff here is such a small group, I would assume your 1-2 programmers have a very intimate knowledge of the code, so finding the right place to insert those 4 lines, shouldn’t be a all day affair.

We both know had this been a $$$$ site, and someone lost 200 becuase of something they had no control over..... not only would Replay refund that 200, but they’d be fixing that asap. Lets take a taxi driver… if thier Taxi needs brakes, they don’t wait untill they buy a new Taxi… they get the frick’n brakes fixed asap… don’t they ???

I don’t even know why I’m still here Fizzy, I shouldda found a new site months ago. I guess I have so muchg invested in Replay its hard for me to let it go… I continually sing the praises of Replay, yet I also show the problems. It was me that started the “Thank the Staff” thread, and how many times have I said Replay isn’t rigg’d.

I’m REALLY sorry I have some knowledge of programming, web development, and poker…Many times with both “talant” and “content” companies adopt the strategy where they buy out companies or hire thier talent away from them and get that all important “non-compete clause” should that talent go elsewhere… usually in the long run they profit from these decisions…

Replay is in the top of thier segment, but could be so much more… 14 months ago there were ~2100ish ppl logg’d during the day, and 800ish logg’d @ night … currently that has NOT changed … not from what I see… and if I was Shakeraise, I’d be wondering why that is … BUT, if the paid staff makes a decent living, and Shakeraise is getting his value outta Replay… I actually see NO reason to chg anything in a drastic manner … the classic " ya don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg" thinking… I get that, I completely understand that…

Many other sites I have play’d online games @, take the approach in the following way … Only those ppl that spend huge $$$$ are listened to, the ppl that spend small amounts are margainalized and the ppl that play for free are ignored…

Basically they would rather get 1000$ from 10 ppl, than they would 10$ from 1000 ppl…I think this is basackwards… what you really want is to get 5$ from 3000 ppl rather than 1000$ from 10 ppl … Usually the ppl with opinions, that pay 1000$… want to keep the status-quo or want things to be slanted more to them, than the overall health of the site…

In conclusion, I want to play here, I want it to be a escape from my problems, not adding to them by constant frustration and complaining that seems to have little effect. I want to be social with the other players, and be a contributing member of this community… I also don’t want to sit here and waste the staff’s time, reading my wall’s of text, that we both know will have little effect also. So maybe you can help me here, what should I do ??? Stay or leave ???


We always appreciate your contributions and constructive criticism. :slight_smile: Ultimately what it comes down to in this case is our tech team only has so much resource, and many things are not currently easy to resolve with our current poker server. Once we get that upgraded, some really exciting things can happen. Our primary projects right now are getting that done and moving from Flash to HTML 5. Both of these things are going to improve player experience in a lot of ways.


Morning Sarah. I for one must say I learn a lot from you in the poker space . I enjoy playing but never really looked at it as a business for me until talking with friends here and business people that are in my wheelhouse .

I appreciate all you do here and I learn so much from reading and texting to the forums.

Please don’t go anywhere. Ash just said in her answer to you Replays priorities.

Of course I’m different. In my online business it’s always about the customer base and not all about the bottom line $ That comes with time as far as I’m concerned. I use a 5 year growth model approach.

So basically, stick around will ya :grin:

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Hi Ash.

I for one am hanging in there for the updates and rollout.

Little tweaks here and there wouldn’t hurt though :blush:

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should i stay or should i go hell no stay sassy s

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friday night ther

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