Not fair

just came from sit and go just 2 mention the 1 i saw do it the most sexyladysits out whole game and places 2nd twice i saw 2day not fair 2 other players who worked all game 2 get there nabokin was another i saw do it is this really what u call fair play i relize they paid 4 their seat but if ur not gonna play dont pay after couple of rounds they should b retired i also understand that sumtimes it may not b their fault glitch or sumthin cuz i have had that problem but in that case replay should just refund those peoples chips


Paul – As I believe I suggested in the passed tournament points should adjusted based on the total number of tournaments played with a minimum number of tournaments played.

just divide tours points with the number of played tournaments ! but for RP is definitely more important as many clicks and playing :slight_smile:

If we divided tourney points by tourneys played, then you’d obviously get an average points per tourney. Then the problem would be there would be no incentive to play more tourneys if you say won your firs two tourneys earning maximum tourney points. If we said you need to play at least X tourneys, that would help but it would still be an imperfect system. You can imagine there would be little incentive to play a lot of tourneys because you’re loses would limit how quickly you could improve in ranking. It’s a tricky one, I think basing it on play chips won is the way to go. Of course if you play 1000s of tourneys you’ll rank higher through the sheer volume played. The question should the promotion reward the best player, or the player that dedicates the most time to trying to win. At the end of the day, it should be fun and competitive and that’s the most important thing. We like to experiment with different types of promotions and each one we do we learn something from and hope to improve them as time goes by. I hope you’re enjoying them =)

Sorry you cant please everyone, and the point is sitting out, not number of points. If someone sits out, no matter what the reason, they should forfeit. After all as people have stated it’s FREE.

Thanks for sharing your opinion. Perhaps you can add a comment to the main discussion topic here:

As I’ve said before it’s a hot potato, with apparently an equal number of players in favor of removing players for no show against players who think once you pay your buy-in you have the right to join whenever you want. As always we listen to player feedback, so if we start to see a majority of players calling for some sort of automatic removal, then we’ll definitely consider it, but right now there seems to be no consensus for change.

one thing that would help a little is to not allow an absent big blind to win because

the last player in line neglects to call. if uncalled, could absent blinds be added to the following pot or simply added to the overall prize fund?

Thanks for the suggestion digger51, that’s an interesting idea. Any one else care to comment?

@digger51, " added to the overall prize fund" just to be clear, cant be added to the fund, becouse tour chips not same as tour fund.

Can be added to the next pot? Thets my suggestion.

Unfortunately some players were trying to ‘game’ the system, by accumulating as many tourney points just from entering as many sng tourneys as possible.

Whilst there is no rule against no-show on a tourney. There’s a big discussion about it here: and the consensus is very much divided between players that think you should be removed from the tournament and those that think once you’ve paid your buy-in you have the right to join the tourney whenever you want.

Back to the promotion. We discussed it amongst the team and decided that the way the promotion is set up currently based on tournament points is not fair and doesn’t encourage good poker play, which ultimately what ReplayPoker is all about. So, rather the let the promotion continue as is, or even cancel it, we decided the leaderboard should be based on play chips won rather than tourney points earned. This is a much fairer system and rewards players who play to win. As much as we dislike making the change have way through this week’s promotion, we reserve that right in the T&Cs in the promo, and we hope all players will agree it’s for the best.

The new leaderboard based on play chips won throughout the week will be available shortly.